Why Ripple Is a Bad Investment?

Why is investing on Ripple a bad investment? In this article on shetcoiner, we want to teach you all the points you need to consider when investing on ripple currency; so stay with us until the end of this article

In recent years, with the expansion of crypto currencies and the tendency of individuals towards them, the recognition of the grades that can make a lot of changes in the future is very difficult. Therefore, we must invest on them by studying these currencies and information on their goals. One of the crypto currencies that have been able to attract many fans towards it is Ripple. This currency has been able to attract investors in recent years.

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A point before investing on any currency is that we should know that it is a good currency and we have examined the purpose of creating that currency. Ripple is different from Bitcoin, Ethereum and other currencies. This currency has been created to easily make international payments and its protocol is completely different. So if we want to make a successful investment, we must check that currency well; here we want to look at Ripple thoroughly.


What is Ripple?

The program was established by computer programmers called Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleball, and in 2012, despite the United States, Ripple Labs Inc continued.

The idea behind the Ripple is to simplify how financial payments. Typically, systems that process financial payments are often too complicated and fragmented. This often leads to costly payments, long waiting time and many problems. For this Ripple, it offers an alternative platform that can facilitate off-border payments, which are 100% safe, immediate and virtually free.

In addition, Ripple can facilitate payments in any kind of monetary, including encrypted currencies. Here we were able to obtain a general recognition of Ripple currency. Now we want to examine positive and negative points that exist to invest on Ripple.


Advantages and disadvantages of investment on Ripple currency.

Ripple is now sold with 1.14 $ (at the time of writing this article).

Spread and good future

Over time and the more familiar investors with this currency we can imagine a clear future. Now with little money, you can have a long-term investment on Ripple and get good profits from this currency at long times.


Ripple is now sold with 1.14 $ (at the time of writing this article). In other words, in comparison with its previous level in 2018, it is cheap. You can buy a significant amount of Ripple with several hundred dollars. If you plan to invest on this currency for a long time, you can get good profits. Experts have predictions for this currency that in the next 10 years this exchange can grow up to 1,000 $.

Bitcoin and ripple differences

Now we want to examine the disadvantages of this currency and invest on it.

XRP is solving the SEC problems.

XRP is among the United States Stock Exchange Commission and Securities. In December 2020, the SEC complained of Ripple due to illegal sales of 1.3 million $ in XRP, claiming that they are actually “securities” not the crypto currency. The XRP complaint led to the fall of the ripple price to the lowest level, and at the moment when other currencies were rising, this currency lost its value sharply. After surveys, it became clear that the SEC file is weak and the optimism is increasing that ripple can win in this case. This has put the price of XRP on the bullish path that appears still moving.


Ripple owns a huge share of XRP.

Ripple chairman Chris Larsen owns around one third of the total XRP. Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, has a significant amount. With this XRP that is only available to several people, it is likely that the price has too much inflation.


Not decentralized.

For fans of Blockchain, XRP is not a decentralized crypto currency. Many believe that this is contrary to the principles of decentralization and economic autonomy. Unlike Bitcoin, which is extracted and then exchanged between anonymous users; Ripple for the banking and asset industry is designed. Its main purpose is to solve issues in the banking sector and does not have a plan to replace decentralized networks instead of banks.

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