Problems to buy Dogecoin in Robinhood + solution

The Robinhood platform has become one of the newest and most attractive platforms for buying crypto currencies and crypto currencies. You can easily invest in this platform and in crypto currencies like Dogecoin. But sometimes there are problems for users that are unpleasant and annoying for them. In this article on shetcoiner we want to consider these issues to buy Dogecoin on the Robinhood platform and discuss ways to resolve these issues.

Why can’t I buy Dogecoin in robinhood?

This question may be asked by many traders who use the Robinhood platform. In answer to this question, we will address some of the most common mistakes traders and users make, when purchasing a Dogecoin that will lead to their non-purchase, and we have provided explanations for each.

Not having enough money to make a deal

Make sure you have enough money in your account and a little more than you want to buy. Encrypted currencies in the Robinhood platform are not marginal and cannot be used as collateral. Many buyers do not realize that they have too little money to trade and cannot place a Dogecoin purchase order.

Restrict or block your account

Be aware that restrictions on your account may prevent you from purchasing your Dogecoin. For example, if Robinhood Financial has restricted you from buying crypto currencies, you will not be able to buy until the restrictions are lifted. Therefore, if you do not know about the blocking of your account, contact our support to investigate your problem and if possible, remove the restriction.

Mark your account as a Day Trader

If you are a daily trader, we may have marked your account and taken more shopping space from you. If you are a daily trader and buying a crypto currency reduces stocks and cash to less than $ 25,000, we may stop you from trading.

For example, if your account value is $ 25,500 and you want to buy a $ 600 Dogecoin, we warn you to deposit more so that your minimum account balance does not fall below $ 25,000.

On the other hand, if you place a $ 600 order with a Dogecoin, your account will be reduced to $ 24,900, which is $ 100 less than the minimum $ 25,000 in cash, crypto, and assets for your Day Trader account.

Wrong price and purchase amount required

The price or dollar amount of the Dogecoin you want to buy may have been entered incorrectly and is higher than your inventory, or the Dogecoin price may not be currently at this price and may cause you problems. So re-check the items you entered in your Dogecoin quantity and price fields to make sure you registered the order at the correct dollar price.

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