where to buy NFT?

Where to buy NFT? Today, NFTs are very popular among individuals and businesses and have capabilities that do not have real-world problems. Also, if you work as an expert, you can also trade through NFTs. In this article on the Shetcoiner site, we want to talk about this issue completely, so stay with us until the end of this article.

What is an NFT?

NFTs are tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. Of course, there are other blockchains that are used based on authentication, the digital ownership of any asset connected to the token. The Ethereum blockchain can be considered as a global shared database and the largest structure in the world of NFTs. The thing you need to know about is that the blockchain is a unique identifiable piece of data that needs to exist permanently on the chain. Blockchain users are uniquely identified by their wallet address. Anyone can check the contents of other people’s wallets using a finder structure; Because everything is transparent in the blockchain.

NFTs allow artists to publish their works digitally without the risk of counterfeiting. Sure, you can copy the image file from someone else’s NFT; But none of these pieces are considered authentic. Also, many NFTs give special access to events and create special facilities for its holders. You must have a special NFT to access these events. For example, Bored Ape Yacht Club has held private concerts for NFT holders and you must have an NFT from the same special collection to enter.

As the price of NFTs increases, the clubs behind these NFTs become more exclusive. Bored Ape Yacht Club members are usually celebrities who show their monkeys as their profile picture on Twitter and increase their brand influence. Of course, this also helps to make the collection known.

What are the uses of NFTs?

You can think of NFTs as an authentication method for digital media and ownership. These NFTs cannot be regular cryptocurrencies, as each NFT has a unique value, so it is non-fungible. Other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are fungible, meaning that each ETH or BTC is worth the same as any other BTC or ETH; But NFTs are not like this because of their different values ​​relative to each other.

Although NFTs can be expensive, you’re paying for more than just a JPEG file. That NFT gives you ownership of the piece you receive and you can sell your NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. Saying that NFTs are just JPEG files is equivalent to downloading an image or a painting of one of the world’s great artists from Google and considering it as a real example.

How and where can we buy and sell NFTs?


  • Buy Ethereum

The first step you need to take is to get the currency of that network so that you can buy its NFT. If you already have an account with a cryptocurrency exchange, you can buy Ethereum there and send your cryptocurrency to your MetaMask wallet. MetaMask is a wallet that is very easy to use and you can easily connect to most platforms. In the following, I will introduce some of the most popular platforms for buying and selling NFT.

  • Opensea

It is one of the most famous NFT buying and selling platforms where you can make your purchases. There are different sections in this platform. For example, you can have NFTs categorized and based on your interest in a particular category, buy your NFT section from that category.

  • Rarible

Another platform where you can buy and sell NFT is Rarible. This platform supports different blockchains and you can choose a blockchain based on the amount of budget you want to spend to buy an NFT and buy your NFT on it.


In this article on the Shetcoiner site, we provided you with a complete definition of NFT; We also introduced you platforms through which you can do your buying and selling. Don’t forget that there are different blockchains on these platforms. So, choose your blockchain carefully.

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