Where is Binance located?

Where is Binance located? Nowadays, Binance is one of the greatest cryptocurrency exchange in the world specially in the transition amount field. Buying or selling transition amount in so high in Binance that this exchange is named for one of the most popular and highest traffic cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Maybe this question has popped up in your mind that where is Binance from and where is its headquarters?

In this article in the shetcoiner website we are talking about Binance exchange location and where does CZ Binance live? (Changpeng Zhao; the owner and creator of Binance).

Where is Binance based?

Binance Online exchange was found by two Chinese named Changpeng Zhao and Yi he in 2017.

Miss Yi He and Mr. Changpeng Zhao were working on another exchange named OKCoin even before thinking about Binance. After transferring this exchange to Malta, a country in southern parts of Europe, Changpeng Zhao and Yi He decided to make their idea at there and they intended to establish and develop the main Binance office in Malta.

A lot of people believe that the Binance exchange main headquarter in china while this exchange founders were based in china while working on OKCoin exchange, actually they had an office in china for a short while but now the most important department of Binance exchange is in Malta Country. According to last saying about this exchange, apparently Binance proceeded to transfer their headquarters to other countries and servers from China to Tokyo in Japan because of the limitations of Chinese government.


Where are Binance exchange headquarters?

The main office and headquarter of Binance exchange was first founded in China but since the Chinese government announced that trading and having a business with cryptocurrencies is illegal in September 2017, Binance had to transfer their servers to Tokyo in Japan.

They also built a new branch for Binance exchange in Taiwan in March 2018.

Binance started to become popular after cryptocurrencies popularity and in January 2018 Binance could record the largest trading volume of cryptocurrencies with 1.3 billion dollars and break the other exchanges last records.


These days, despite many speculations, unfortunately or in the opinion of fans of cryptocurrencies, fortunately, the location of the main center of Binance Exchange is unknown and no one knows the whereabouts of CZ.

Some Japanese government officials and private investors in Tokyo, after hearing the news of the transfer of the main Binance servers from China to Tokyo in 2017, investigated and filed a lawsuit against this exchange in Japan, but these complaints are also due to finding the main location It has not reached any of the Binance servers.


It is interesting to know that the CEO of Binance Exchange, Mr. Chang Peng Zhao, believes that the exchange and his place of residence should be hidden from all people in order to remain anonymous and secure, like Blockchain technology! He said in a recent Twitter message that Binance, like the Blockchain network, has been decentralized around the world and it is not possible to find the main location of the exchange.


He made the remarks after many fans of cryptocurrencies and Binance exchanges expressed doubts about the exchange’s survival despite strict laws and restrictions imposed by European, American and Asian governments. And CZ with this statement calmed down among these fans of Binance.


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