What is TRC-10?

It may be a question for every active user of cryptocurrencies that what is TRC-10 and TRC-10 Tokens. Here at this article in shetcoiner website, we’re introducing this Blockchain standard and protocol.

What is TRC-10?

Tron’s Blockchain Cryptocurrency is one of the best kinds of Blockchain Cryptocurrencies that is competing with ERC-20 standard. Tron made the TRC-10 protocol and then developed it to TRC-20. In the following content of this article we learn more about this standard.

what is TRC20?

TRC10 standard


TRC-10 was first appeared in Tron’ Mainnet and Tron started the TRC-10’s setups before releasing its Mainnet and starting the big part of the project. In fact, TRC-10 was an Ethereum Blockchain and then it transformed to Tron Blockchain. Creating this token is so easy and is supported in almost all popular Mobile and Desktop wallets using TRC-10 standard. Also, it may be interesting for you to know that this token is used in popular Bit Torrent network protocols.

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TRC-10 popularities main reasons

One of the main reasons of TRC-10 becoming popular is super-fast transitions compared to ERC Ethereum network and the low price for sending and receiving Fee. If we want to mention another reason for this tokens and Tron’s network standard popularity, we can talk about its Initial Coin Offering or ICO.

Anyone who wants to publish their tokens with TRC-10 standard, can proceed to ICO in public and find investors for continuing his project. They can easily make their token with Tron’s Blockchain. Because the Tron’s transition fee is low and ICO’s can help a lot in developing it compared to other standards like Ethereum Blockchain (ERC).


TRC-10 wallets

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TRC-10 standard tokens are supported and receivable in a lots of cryptocurrency wallets because they have been used for a long time and that you can transfer it to other protocols in some of the wallets.


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