What is Coinbase pro?

What is Coinbase pro? Coinbase is one of the most valid and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Coinbase was created in 2012 by Brian Armstrong in United States. This exchange is working in two branches named Coinbase and Coinbase pro. Coinbase pro’s facilities and features are a lot more than Coinbase exchange.

Here inn shetcoiner we are teaching you the differences between Coinbase and Coinbase pro, so stay with us.

how to send from coinbase to coinbase pro?

What is Coinbase pro?

Coinbase pro is actually Coinbase’s advanced online exchange that is different than Coinbase. It’s recommended for the rookie and noob traders and investors of cryptocurrency’s world or Coinbase exchange to use Coinbase version of this exchange because the selling and buying features are simple and they don’t get confused.

In Coinbase pro you are able to use some advanced features like Market, Limit or stop in addition of buying and selling operations. Using Coinbase pro needs a previous vision about trades and this field.


What is Coinbase pro?

If you have used other online exchange’s advanced facilities before, you can use Coinbase pro exchange without using Coinbase itself at the beginning.

Pay attention to the fact that the main and original exchange is actually Coinbase pro. When Users are using Coinbase platform to buy or sell any stock, the requests are actually going in Coinbase pro, getting processed and the answer is shown to you in Coinbase.

Coinbase Restricted account can’t add payment method

The other feature of this Coinbase exchange is Coinbase pro’s low fee. You don’t need to pay high fees for your trades anymore after using Coinbase pro. You only need to send your buy or sell request to Coinbase pro exchange instead of Coinbase and the exchange will process it directly for you.

The main reason of Coinbase’s high fee price is because that Coinbase platform is actually an interface between users and investors and Coinbase pro itself. Rookie traders and small investors are one the other main reasons of Coinbase higher fee that Coinbase pro platform.


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