What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin? You are definitely one of the large or micro investors that is trying to learn more about the valuable code that is called Bitcoin. In the simple way, Bitcoin is a valuable protected code that you can use it to transfer money to yours or others accounts to buy a product or a services.

In the rest of this article on Shetcoiner, we are trying to give you some information about Bitcoin and explain them. So stay tuned for the rest of this article.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that is known for mankind’s Greatest innovation after internet.

Bitcoin Brought a whole new world with it after it was born. The Bitcoin’s Introduction goes back to the year 2008 in an online programming forum that an unknown programmer nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto Started to introduce his idea and presenting a document with the name white paper to introduce it idea’s goals and mechanism.

Nowadays, Bitcoin Code has reached a level that is considered the most valuable currency in the world. In the time this article is getting written, the value of each Bitcoin is near 35 thousand American dollars. Bitcoin can be a kind of money or currency for people to buy or order something online or a type of investing. With using Bitcoin, you can transfer different amounts of money from this end of the world to the other end of the world in the form of a safe, protected and bank-interference less transition.

what is bitcoin


Bitcoin and the fight with FIAT money (support less)

If you could remember, United States printed its money Backed by a physical gold support for a long time, until America lifted that standard and after that a lot of other countries lifted their national money standards and supports in clear or hidden way. It’s maybe interesting for you to know that central banks can print unlimited money without any support that will make the economy strangely inflated.

But Bitcoin has no inflation and it only may have some bobbles in market’s atmosphere but it’s not inflatable. If you would have paid attention, Bitcoin has grown steadily and abundantly in the world after each global crisis, alongside with gold and silver.

Therefore, Bitcoin is the precious gold that prevents you from losing money for global or government’s inflation, but digitally, and also due to the excessive printing of Fiat money (without support) by governments and central banks can lead you to Make a great profit too.

Nowadays, Bitcoin has become so valuable and powerful than national currencies and even gold that many large national and international investors are investing in this cryptocurrency and its blockchain network.

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