What is TRC20 wallet address? (From A to Z) 2023 Review

What is TRC20 wallet address? TRC-20 is one of the standards for making tokens in Tron Network. In this tutorial article from shetcoiner, we’re going to introduce TRC-20 and teach you how to make a TRC-20 wallet from ERC-20 wallet and other related topics. As you need a fast interface network for transferring tether, Tron made this network and developed it to compete with Ethereum. Follow this article to learn about:

  • What is a stable coin?
  • What is the solution for stablecoins?
  • What are the types of stablecoins?
  • What is Tether?
  • What are the types of stable coins?
  • What is TRC20?
  • What is tether TRC20 wallet?
  • What is TRC20 wallet address?
  • How to find your Tether TRC20 address?
  • How to find the TRC-20 wallet address?

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What is a stable coin?

A stablecoin is a crypto currency whose value is pegged to another asset, such as fiat currency or gold, to stabilize its price. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum offer several advantages, one of the most fundamental of which is not having to trust an intermediary institution to send payments, opening up their use to anyone around the world; But a key disadvantage is that cryptocurrency prices are unpredictable and tend to fluctuate.

This makes them difficult for ordinary people to use. In general, people expect to be able to know what their money is worth in the next week, both to be safe and to live with it. The unpredictability of cryptocurrencies contrasts with the conventional fixed prices of fiat money, such as the US dollar, or other assets, such as gold. The value of currencies such as the dollar changes gradually over time, but daily changes are often more drastic for cryptocurrencies, whose value rises and falls on a regular basis.

What is the solution for stablecoins?

Stable coins attempt to combat price volatility by tying the value of digital currencies to other, more stable assets, usually fiat currencies. Fiat is a government-issued currency that we all use on a daily basis, like the dollar. Typically, the entity behind the stable coin creates a repository where it securely stores the asset or basket of assets backing the stable coin.

This is one of the ways digital stable coins connect to real-world assets. The money in the reserve acts as collateral for the stable coin meaning that whenever a stable coin holder wants to cash out their tokens, an equal amount of each asset backing it is taken from the reserve.

What are the types of stable coins?

In this article, we want to review the best stable coins; like:

Fiat: Fiat is the most common collateral for stable coins. The US dollar is the most popular fiat currency, but companies are exploring stable coins that are linked to other fiat currencies.

Precious metals: Some cryptocurrencies are linked to the value of precious metals such as gold or silver.

Precious metals 1

Cryptocurrencies: Some stablecoins even use other digital currencies, such as Ether, the main token of the Ethereum network, as collateral. USDT was once supposed to be backed 1-to-1 with the dollar, but its collateral mix has changed over time, with analysis showing that roughly half of its reserves are in commercial paper, a type of short-term asset. comes.

Algorithmic Stablecoins: These types of stablecoins may or may not hold reserve assets. Their main distinguishing feature is the strategy of keeping the value of a stablecoin stable by controlling its supply through an algorithm, which is basically a computer program that executes a predetermined formula.

In some ways, this model is not so different from central banks, that also do not rely on reserve assets to hold the value of the currency they issue. The difference is that a central bank like the US Federal Reserve sets monetary policy publicly based on very precise parameters, and its status as the issuer of legal tender does a miracle for the credibility of that policy.

What is Tether?


Tether is a stable coin. Stable coins are tokens that value is based on a fiat currency or other assets. As for the Tether stable coin, it is pegged to the US dollar. Basically, one Tether is always equal to one dollar, and it fluctuates sometimes. Tether is developed under the Omni protocol, a system that sits on top of the Bitcoin network. Omni has the ability to create unique tokens, similar to what is possible on other networks using smart contracts.
The Omni protocol created the first Tether, and over time, developers began to migrate this asset to other blockchains. This is because platforms that natively support smart contracts make more sense for a stable coin. The first move was to the Ethereum network, which today’s most popular smart contract platform, TRON and EOS, have also seen their own changes in assets.

What are the types of stable coins?

Omni Tether

Omni Tether1

Omni Tether was around in late 2014. The Omni protocol made transactions possible on the Bitcoin network by creating tokens. The first coins minted in October; However, the name was changed to Tether at the end of November. In January, Bitfinex enabled asset trading. For the next few years, Omni Tether will be the industry standard. In the beginning, besides the dollar, there were different currencies to exchange with a fixed value. As a result, other currencies were also investigated. Today, Tether available on most exchanges is pegged to the US dollar and is therefore listed under the symbol USDT. In 2017, the Tether team began to migrate many of the coins available on the Ethereum platform.

TRC20 Tether

In March 2019, a project was announced that would transfer USDT to the TRON blockchain, claiming it to be the fastest form of Tether yet with no transfer fees. Thanks to TRON creator Justin Sun’s collaboration with Poloniex, this form of Tether was quickly integrated into the exchange. Despite this fact, the TRC20 version of Tether remains one of the least used versions to date. Recently, some USDT that was initially transferred to TRON then returned to the Ethereum network.

ERC20 Tether

ERC20 Tether1 1

As mentioned, this was the first transfer of Tether from the Omni protocol in late 2017. This is because Ethereum is a very active and popular network with smart contract integration. It was a natural step for Tether to simplify token creation. In today’s world, many transactions use Tether in order to be done with a fixed value.

EOS Tether

EOS Tether is the newest and smallest version of Tether. Introduced in May 2019, the EOSIO version is similar to its brothers Ethereum and TRON. The benefits of the EOSIO network are claimed to eliminate transaction fees and allow block producers to devote more computing power to processing transactions, which should dramatically improve USDT transfer speeds.

What is TRC20?

tron1 1

For knowing what is TRC20 wallet address? we should say that TRC20 is one of the standards for creating tokens in Theron network. Theron CEO (Justin Sun) did a lot of publicity to expand his cryptocurrency network and tried to attract some Ethereum customers to his network. Because of that, he made the Tron network very similar to the Ethereum, and even he made the standards of TRON tokens and their titles similar to the There are other similarities between these two systems;

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The TRC20 token is compatible with ERC20, and developers can easily transfer their ERC20 tokens in the Ethereum to the TRC20 standard Tron network. Currently, the most used application of Tron network token is related to Tether currency; As you know, Tether is one of the stable coins of the cryptocurrency market, which is located on various networks such as Omni, Ethereum and Tron.

TRON is a decentralized, open-source blockchain-based operating system with smart contract functionality, proof-of-stake principles as its consensus algorithm and a cryptocurrency native to the system, known as Tronix (TRX). It was established in March 2014 by Justin Sun and since 2017 has been overseen and supervised by the TRON Foundation, a non-profit organization in Singapore, established in the same year. It was originally an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token, which switched its protocol to its own blockchain in 2018.

Quoted from Wikipedia.

What is tether TRC20 wallet?

What is TRC20 wallet address? TRC-20 Token’s (Tron) Developer, Justin Sun made TRC-20 Standard to compete with Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum’s developer) that made and developed the ERC-20 for Tether network. After he did this, the transfer fee had been reduced. In the previous Version of the TRC-10, It was not possible to build smart contracts like the Ethereum protocol. So Justin Sun Updated the protocol and published it with the name of TRC-20 that has the ability to make smart contracts.

The table below lists some of the features of the two standards, TRC20 and TRC10, and compares them:

Property TRC20 TRC10
Track Built in Need 3rd-party platform
Transaction fee Higher than TRC10 Lower than TRC20 (by API)
Tron-scan observable
Using API
Using Smart Contract
Duplicate token name


What is TRC20 wallet address?

TRC20 wallet is a wallet whose address supports the TRC20 protocol and has the ability to receive TRC20 tokens. At the moment, most of the Tether wallets support both TRC-20 and ERC-20 Protocols at the same time Whether it’s in Tron network or Ethereum’s. If you have bought some Tether and don’t know which protocol to use, it’s better to use the TRC20 protocol at the beginning, because this protocol is super-fast and at the same time has a very low fee for transferring your Tether.

In the continuation of the What is TRC20 wallet address? article we should add that TRC-20 wallet address is an address that you need for transferring cryptocurrency in your wallet.

How to find your Tether TRC20 address?

If you don’t know how to find your Tether TRC20 wallet address, we’re going to help you a little; Go through the following ways:

 first - TRC20 walletFirst way:

If you want to find the TRC-20 tether, it is better to find the USDT after entering your wallet. After you entered, look at the TRC20 word, if it says TRC-20 or ERC-20 in your wallet specifications, you will know that which protocols your wallet is connected to.

second - TRC20 walletSecond way:

Another way is to check the address of your Tether wallet. Tether receiving addresses on different blockchains are different. Tether token receiving addresses on the Ethereum blockchain (or ERC20 Protocol) begins with OX characters, but tether receiving addresses on Tron blockchain (or TRC20 Protocol) begins TX characters. And this was another easy way to find out which Protocol is your wallet connected to.

How to find the TRC-20 wallet address?

After we understand what is TRC20 wallet address? we should say there are several ways you can do this to find the address of your TRC-20 Tetra wallet, and here are a few ways:

1- See the long address and copy it.

Copy - What is TRC20 wallet address

In this way, which is commonly used, like the image above, you can copy the long address of your trc20 wallet address and send it to those who want to deposit money to your wallet address so they can do the money transfer operation.

2- Using QR code

Qr - What is TRC20 wallet address


We found out What is TRC20 wallet address, So in this way, you can save the QR code containing the address of your wallet or give it to your friends, like the image above, so that they can easily scan it and deposit the required amount to your wallet. The second method is used by most companies and stores to expedite their deposits.

For example, if you sell your smart watches and expensive watches with Tether, you don’t need to send the long address of your Tether wallet every time; Instead, all you have to do is put the QR code on your shop window, promotional card or brochures to make it easy for users to scan and deposit.


In this article from shetcoiner we discussed about what is TRC20 wallet address? and we told you how to find your TRC-20 wallet address. We also talked about topics like:

  • What is a stable coin?
  • What is the solution for stable coins?
  • What are the types of stable coins?
  • What is Tether?
  • What are the types of stable coins?
  • What is TRC20?
  • What is tether TRC20 wallet?
  • What is TRC20 wallet address?
  • How to find your Tether TRC20 address?
  • How to find the TRC-20 wallet address?

You can refer to other related articles such as: What is TRC-10? or What is ERC-20? and etc. We hope you find this article useful! Share your opinions and experiences with us in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is TRC20?

TRC20 is a token standard on TRON network. The TRC-20 standard includes some rules such as performing token transfers, sending, receiving, approving tokens and etc.

How to find the TRC-20 wallet address?

  1. Using QR code.
  2. See the address and copy it.

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      Algorithmic Stablecoins: Stablecoins that use algorithms to control their supply and achieve stability in the marketplace.

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      Through the use of blockchain technology and decentralized apps (DApps), the TRON (TRX) network is committed to furthering the decentralization of the internet. The TRON network, which was established in September 2017 by H.E. Justin Sun, has kept up its excellent performance since the launch of its mainnet in May 2018.

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      A cryptocurrency address represents a destination in the blockchain. You can easily find your USDTRX wallet address. Click on the “Receive” button and choose Tether TRC20. There you’ll find your wallet address and you’ll be able to deposit funds on your balance.

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      It depends on the way that you want to use it; stablecoins provide many benefits like faster and more cost-effective transactions, reduced reliance on banks and increased liquidity.

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