What is Metahero?

Have you ever used Metahero? what’s the mission of this crypto? If you have some questions like these, in this article on shetcoiner I will help you to understand the goal of this project.


What is Metahero?

Metahero is an ultra-realistic 3D technology to generate 3D avatars. These avatars can be suitable for different people in different industries like: fashion, art, game, medicine and so on. This project launched in June of 2021. Metahero hopes to make a collaboration between crypto currencies, digital world and our real world. We can use metahero as a bridge between reality and the digital world.

As metahero said, it follows the connection between artists, entrepreneurs, gamers and people in different industries to work and make a better economy in different societies. In this world we use HERO as the native token of this world to collaborate and pay or convert for different things.


These days technology is growing rapidly. If we want to be successful in the future and create a developed business and make money from it, it’s better to adopt ourselves instead of preventing to develop our skills in different parts, think about the technology and this mission that Metahero followed. Robert Gryn, the founder of Metahero company is a successful entrepreneur in different businesses. He is a genius person and he was able to make a lot profits for different companies in the world. It shows that this person is a specialist and we can trust him and his ideas.


How can you buy Hero?

In this part we want to talk about the ways that you need to know for buying Hero token.

1* Register in a crypto exchange

There are a lot of crypto currency exchanges that you can use for buying or selling your assets, but you must try all of them to choose the best one or you can use other people opinions to choose one of them. One of the best exchanges that you can use for transferring/ buying or selling crypto currencies is Binance. It is the safest place for your digital assets and it is easy to use.


2* Buy a crypto like ETH and transfer to an altcoin exchange

You can find different exchanges if you search about this topic, but Gate.io is one of the best exchanges that you can use. It has wide selection of trading pairs and you can find most of the new altcoin in this exchange. After that you created your account in this exchange you can trade HERO.


3* Complete your transaction and move your HERO to a safe wallet.

There are many wallets that you can use, based on your investment strategy. you can use a different wallet; some people believe that cold wallet is the best but some people think hot wallet is a suitable wallet for their works.



In this article we talked about the Metahero project and the mission that follows for the future. Now we know about the founder of this project and we have a background from his job. Also, we understood that how can we buy HERO and taught you this process step by step.

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