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What is baby doge and how is it different from other tokens? These days, there are many tokens in the field of crypto currencies that if we cannot check them well, we may lose our money. In this article on the Shetcoiner site, we want to examine this issue and introduce wallets that support baby doge. So stay with us until the end of this article.

What is Baby Doge?

Baby Doge is a cryptocurrency that is currently only available through decentralized exchanges, sometimes called DEXs. Decentralized exchanges allow you to buy one crypto currency for another crypto currency. In the following, we want to examine this currency more and add more important points. In the next part we want to talk about the wallets that support baby doge.

Baby Doge is a meme-based cryptocurrency that works similar to Dogecoin. The currency is currently held in over 300,000 wallets. The founders of Baby Doge suggest buying currency using PancakeSwap or Uniswap exchanges; This is while you can have this currency available through other exchanges or even other wallets. This currency works as a smart contract through blockchains. The Baby Doge smart contract makes this currency available through Ethereum and Binance smart chain. Also, the wallets that you can use to store it are: Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet and Metamask.

What is baby doge and how is it different from other tokens?

The thing you should know about the offering of this token is that according to the data that exists; The maximum available supply is 420 quadrillion tokens. The total current value of all Baby Doge tokens, assuming all 420 quadrillion tokens are in circulation, would be $691 million. Baby Doge transactions require a 10% fee; Half of it goes back to Dogecoin holders and the other half contributes to PancakeSwap’s Baby Doge cash pool which may be burned or reinvested in the Baby Doge project. In the following, we want to talk about the measures that you should pay attention to in order to buy a Baby Doge.

How can you buy Baby Doge?

  • Create a wallet for yourself.

If you want to buy Baby Doge Coin, you need a wallet, such as Coinbase Wallet, which is available as a mobile app and browser extension, and you can easily download it. As part of setting up your Coinbase wallet, you’ll need to choose a username. This username allows other Coinbase wallet users to send you cryptocurrency easily. You can keep your username private, but you need one to access your account.

  • Save your recovery phrase in a safe place.

When you create a new wallet, you will be given a recovery phrase consisting of 12 random words. The recovery phrase is your wallet key; This means that anyone who has your recovery phrase has access to your wallet. So don’t share your recovery phrase with anyone. We highly recommend that you write these things down on paper and store them securely, as well as use Coinbase Wallet’s cloud backup feature. Remember, do not share your recovery phrase with anyone.

  • Understand and plan for Ethereum network fees

Fees vary based on network congestion, transaction complexity, and transaction speed. Plan to set aside some money for expenses. Don’t forget that no one or organization can help you if you forget to recover your phrases.


In this article on the Shetcoiner site, we have reviewed Baby Doge Coin and examined the reason for its existence. We have also introduced the wallets that support baby doge which you can access this currency and explained step by step how to buy this currency.

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