Top market Solana NFT (The most important information)

Where is Solana in the crypto currency market? In this article on shetcoiner site, we want to examine all the issues related to this part; so stay with us until the end of this article.



Solanaart is the leading NFT representative in Solana, which has attracted more than 45,000 active users in the last 7 days and more than 31 $ million in volume. One of the key aspects of NFT markets in Solana is their low cost of producing and purchasing NFT. Compared to Ethereum costs around 100 $, Solanart may only cost about 1 $ given that most investors and novices enter the system through Ethereum, this is strange and could signal a change. Because it can create more attractions in every way. Here we want to deal with projects that are connected to this program and need this platform to progress.

Kucoin vs. Binance (Fees, Futures & …)

OG was one of the first NFT marketers in Solana and some of the first projects including Degen Ape Academy, SolPunks and more. He suggests that you connect your Sollet, Phantom or Solflare wallet to get started. The home page lets you search for listed projects where you can buy or sell your NFT.

how does staking work on Binance?

When NFTs are put up for sale, they are taken into a temporary account, and when someone buys, they are sent to the buyer after being transferred to the seller. Apart from the manufacturer’s fee, the market receives a 3% commission and there is also a 0.02% commission on its listing.

With 10 days to go and just 4 days after DigitalEyes launches for  21 $ million, it looks like it has a strong start by a large community to support. This is the first market for NFTs in Solana, and with a team working 18 hours a day, there seems to be great potential for growth. The market is still in the alpha phase with daily improvements to enhance the experience improvement. If the NFT is different by team, the lists indicate they are VERIFIED. There is a guide on the Discord DigitalEyes server for developers to get their collection VERIFIED. Anything VERIFIYED does not pose a risk of being counterfeited, so proceed with caution.

Kraken’s last Status

DigitalEyes supports Phantom, Sollet, Solflare and Solong wallets. They include 2.5% service fee in addition to the royalty percentage set by the manufacturer.


In this article, we reviewed Solana in general on the shetcoiner site. Undoubtedly, this project can change the financial future. Because it is considered as an alternative to many payment methods. In this article, we also mentioned several projects related to Solana and examined their type of activity.


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