Sandbox Coin (SAND) Review, Info, Analysis & How to Buy?

What is Sandbox Currency? In this article on shetcoiner site, we want to examine this issue. So stay with us until the end of this article.


What is Sandbox Currency?

Sandbox is a virtual ecosystem that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain and Unity software. This is a monetized game model similar to the Axie Infinity Metaverse in which players can build and monetize their gaming experience using SAND. The Sandbox ecosystem has Voxedit; An asset-generating tool for generating irreplaceable (NFT) tokens that can be used in-game, share an NFT marketplace for your asset developers, and SandBox Game Maker, allowing anyone to build 3D games on the platform Make money in the sandbox.

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Holders of SAND tokens can vote on key platform decisions through an autonomous decentralized organization (DAO). This Platform was launched in 2011 by Pixowl. Pixowl, founded by entrepreneurs Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget, was eventually acquired in Hong Kong-based venture capital fund Animoca Brands in 2018. In the following, we want to examine the growth of the price of this currency, whether it will grow or not?


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According to CoinCodex Technical Analysis, the SAND is currently trading fluctuating with up trends and 14 downtrends. However, the SAND CoinCodex price forecast was for the token to drop to $115.95. The Sandbox currency price forecast was made by Wallet Investor, who predicted that the price could rise by $5.36 by the beginning of 2022. The forecast site predicted that the document could gradually increase to $8.56 by the end of 2022 and to $18.19 by the end of 2025.

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In this article, we examined the Sandbox currency and its price trend on shetcoiner site. You should note that crypto currency markets fluctuate sharply, making it difficult to accurately predict the price of a currency in the next few hours, and even more difficult to make long-term estimates. In this way, algorithm-based analysts and forecasters can confuse their predictions. We recommend that you always do your research and consider the latest market trends, news, technical and fundamental analysis and expert opinions before deciding to invest, and never invest too much as you can do.


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