Price impact too high UniSwap fixed!

Everyone in the cryptocurrency market might be familiar with the concept of Price Impact. This concept is especially important for people who have invested heavily in this market. Price Impact has a great effect on the price of a token and can reduce people’s profits. In this article on Cryptocurrency Learn we want to tell you how to fix Price impact too high Uniswap, so stay with us to learn more.

What is Price Impact?

If you want to know what is Price Impact? we can say that the difference between the current price of a token in the market and its price when trading in a decentralized exchange is called Price Impact. Price Impact is caused by a sudden change in the price of the token and in a disturbance in the liquidity ratio of the pools.

Purchasing transactions raise the price of an asset by eliminating the cheapest sales orders. The opposite happens for sales transactions. How much the price changes as a result of the transaction, depends on the liquidity of the trading pair. Couples with more liquidity receive less price impact than those with lower trading volumes.

How to fix Price impact too high Uniswap?

Price Impact Too High error occurs in some decentralized digital currency exchanges, such as PancakeSwap, Sushiswap or Uniswap which prevents large transactions. You can also refer to Price impact too high Pancakeswap fix or Sushiswap price impact too high fix, to get more information about these issues.

If you want to fix this error and solve this problem, in this section we have to say that for trading in decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, if you encounter a Price Impact Too High error, changing the price slippage can be a good and useful way to complete the transaction. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Uniswap,
  2. Tap on the gear symbol on Uniswap DEX,
  3. Try to change the price Slippage Tolerance,
  4. Confirm the changes.

Price impact too high UniSwap - How to fix Price impact too high on Uniswap?

Note: To find the best slippage tolerance, you should read the white paper of that token.

To fix Price impact too high Uniswap, there are other ways you can use such as: High-speed Internet, using another device, and even changing browser programs.

How does Price Impact work?

As we have said, Price Impact is the change in the price of an asset resulting from its transaction. To better understand what Price Impact is, let us give an example. If a person wants to buy a token that costs $ 2, the exchange platform will consider the price of $ 2, but if he wants to buy 30% of the token supply of that token, the transaction will be done with the Price Impact mechanism and will raise the price much higher.

Therefore, there is no economic justification for the whales to make this deal, so he abandons his deal. The same mechanism applies to token sales. The selling price of a token is different from 1000 tokens and depends on the amount of token supply and the supply of pools that provide liquidity to the exchange offices. Price Impact was created to deal with the behavior of whales in order to prevent the sale and purchase of large tokens.


In this article on Cryptocurrency Learn we have talked about Price impact too high UniSwap and we brought you an easy way to fix it in few minutes! So, if you want to learn and fix this error to complete your transaction, read this article. We hope you find this article useful!

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    1. 1.
      Open PancakeSwap and connect your cryptocurrency wallet.
      Scroll down to the bar at the bottom of the PancakeSwap page.
      Tap V1 (old) located at the center of the bar.

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