pancakeswap unsupported chain id

How to solve the problem of unsupported pancakeswap chain ID? In this article on shetcoiner, we want to talk about this topic; so stay with us until the end of this article.


Fix unsupported chain id problem

The unsupported chain id error is one of the most common errors of users using the PancakeSwap exchange. This error occurs when users try to connect the Trust Wallet to this exchange. Unsupported Chain id error will be solved very easily by changing the Ethereum Blockchain to Binance in PancakeSwap exchange. In the next part, we will guide you step by step.

Pancakeswap not connecting to TrustWallet


How to solve unsupported chain id connection problem?

First of all, you need to have access to your Trust Wallet. After entering the PancakeSwap exchange, select your network. Do this by clicking on the Ethereum logo or the existing network and change your network. Now you will see that you will no longer encounter the previous error.


Unsupported Chain ID error occurs after connecting Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap Exchange; at this time, users mistakenly think that Trust Wallet has a problem and is worried, if that is not. As you can see, this unsupported chain id error occurs when the user tries to connect to the PancakeSwap exchange via the Ethereum Blockchain, and by switching the network to Binance, this problem will be solved forever.

What is Auto Cake Bounty in Pancakeswap?

In this article, we have examined the problem that many users have encountered on shetcoiner site and introduced a way that you can solve your problem.

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