What is MNEB token? All about Minereum BSC

Minereum is a network based on the Ethereum platform and has been active since 2017. This network has been created to provide a new way to extract cryptocurrencies, and its token is known as MNE. In this article on shetcoiner, we will tell you more details about this cryptocurrency network, Minereum BSC and MNEB token, and we will learn more about them.

What is Minereum?

According to the network’s white paper, Minereum is a transparent and fair platform that is used for smart contract mining. As we mentioned earlier, this digital currency works on the Ethereum network. All Ethereum addresses are collected by this network online and by a social network, and then, it placed in a smart contract. These addresses, known as genesis address and they are visible to everyone in this network’s smart contract codes.

In the next step, these genesis addresses are assigned a number of MNEB Tokens, and the number of these tokens depends on the Ethereum addresses that were first mentioned. Finally, in order to prevent inflation in this token, a certain amount of token is specified for Genesis Address, which can mine and supply the same certain number of tokens.

About Minereum BSC

Minereum BSC is similar to the Minereum (MNE) that we talked about earlier. The network has introduced a smart self-mining contract to the Binance chain and started operating in 2021. This cryptocurrency allows users without equipment to extract their cryptocurrencies. The symbol by which this network is known, is MINEB.


Mining in Minereum

It is interesting to know that MNEB token mining is different from other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, and its extraction is done with the help of mathematical formulas and based on the number of tokens assigned to each genesis address. Another point is that in this network, there is no need for a special device, being online and high power consumption, and for these tokens, mining is done automatically and by codes.

What is MNEB token?

Minereum extraction tips

If you want to know about Minereum BSC digital currency and you’re wondering that is MNEB token a good choice or not? In the following, we want to tell you some tips about this cryptocurrency. According to the information on the official website of this project, some of the rules and tips of this network are:

  1. Genesis addresses are located on the Ethereum network and each address can extract 1.84 MNEB token per day.
  2. The mining operation will start only when the user has Levels 2 or 3, and it is not possible to extract with Level 1 for free.
  3. The number of Ethereum blocks allowed to be extracted per day is about 6,000 blocks; Also, about 1.84 MNEB per day is the total number of coins produced at each address.
  4. Genesis addresses can be traded at any time on the decentralized platform of Minereum Genesis.

The MNEB token award to Minereum BSC addresses

The story of this award is that if you add a Minereum token to your Trust wallet or any other platform that supports BSC, 150,000 units of this token will be donated to your wallet; But, you will not be able to sell or send this tokens to another wallet. According to the explanation written on the official website of them, if the user wants to sell or withdraw this token, he have to upgrade his address to level 3, which requires a 0.9 BNB fee.

MNEB token exchange

As we have said in this article on shetcoiner, Minereum network has been working in the cryptocurrency market since 2017. Its earnings come from upgrading users level it belongs to the holders of this project. In this article we talked about MNEB token, MNE, Minereum BSC, etc. We hope you find this article useful!

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