MimbleWimbleCoin (MWC) Review, Info, Analysis & How to Buy

What is MWC and how to buy it? In this article on shetcoiner site, we want to examine this currency; so stay with us until the end of this article.

What is MWC?

What is MWC?

MWC is an evolving structure of the MimbleWimble protocol. This structure pursues many features, some of which we will discuss here:

  • Construction time of each block: one minute; this time is considered high speed in crypto currencies.

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  • Transaction fee is based on the number of outputs created or lost and the total transaction volume.

MWC was first traded on February 24, 2020. Its total supply was around 10,801,582.2 and currently has a market value of about $165,594. MWC is currently priced at $8.26 and is ranked 467th on Coinmarketcap, up 8.62% at the time of writing.


This currency has been able to be listed in a number of crypto currencies with its popularity among users, unlike other crypto currencies; it cannot be purchased directly with Fiat money. However, you can still buy this currency easily by first buying a currency such as Bitcoin from any exchange and then transferring it to any exchange that offers to trade this coin.


How to buy and sell this currency?

What is MWC?

Step 1: Register in one of the crypto currency exchanges

You must first purchase one of the major crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin. In this article, we want to introduce in detail two of the most common crypto currency exchanges, Uphold.com and Coinbase. Both exchanges have their own fee rules and other features which we will examine below.

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Step 2: Buy your crypto currency like Bitcoin with Fiat money.

Before buying any crypto currency you want to buy there is another currency and then convert it into your preferred currency. Here you can choose to provide a credit card or use a bank transfer. You will be charged more for using the cards, but you will also make an immediate purchase. While bank transfers will be cheaper  but slower. This speed and cost depending on your country of residence.


Step 3: Transfer Bitcoins to Altcoin exchange

Here you transfer the currency you bought to the exchange where you want to buy the currency you want. The exchange we offer to you here is Bitforex exchange. This exchange has attracted a large audience with its practicality and great access. When your currencies; For example, you transferred your Bitcoins to this exchange; you can convert it to any currency you want.

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In this article on shetcoiner site, we have examined the MWC currency and examined it from different sections. We also explained how to buy it step by step.


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