Kraken USD deposit services unavailable

Kraken USD deposit services unavailable: the fact that USD deposit service is unavailable in Kraken exchange is one of the problems that may have happened to different users in this exchange. This active exchange in the United States has become one of the exchanges with a good history of cryptocurrencies that we are trying to talk about its error and removing this problem of Kraken exchange in this article in shetcoiner website.


USD deposit service unavailable

Dollar deposits in Kraken may have different rules at different times that temporarily prevent you from doing so and you may not be able to deposit dollars into your Kraken account. This problem could also happen at the time of withdrawal. However, these restrictions are not public at the Kraken Exchange and apply on specific and limited dates, and most of the problems people have in this area are due to their mistake in entering their bank account information in Kraken.

If you encounter this error in Kraken when adding a bank account for your withdrawal or deposit, one of the two items introduced in the Kraken support site could be your solution:

(1) Your routing number is not FedWire capable.

Kraken does not currently support ACH bank transfers for deposits and withdrawals. Make sure that you are entering a FedWire account and routing numbers and not an ACH account and routing numbers.

(2) You have reached the limit of two bank accounts.

You are only able to have two domestic USD accounts on profile for withdrawals.

So according to this announcement and Kraken’s official answer to this problem, your problem should be solved but if wasn’t solved with Kraken’s answer, you can make contact to Kraken exchange website’s 24/7 support and let them to solve your problem.

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