How to use TrustWallet?

How to use TrustWallet in different systems? In this article on shetcoiner site, we are going to talk about how to use this wallet. These days, the type of asset storage is different from previous decades; People tend to keep their assets in a place where no one control them. As a result, many decentralized networks were created to help people’s assets. One of the best and most secure of these networks is TrustWallet, which many people around the world use it to manage their assets as a safe place. Many features have made this wallet known as the most popular among the people, including:

  • The confidentiality of your information and that it will not be used anywhere.
  • Perspicuity of the process; this means that the programming for this wallet is an open source and people can be aware of this cycle without any restrictions.
  • Convenient support; you do not need to go through very complicated steps to get a backup of your wallet; you can access the backup of your wallet in just a few seconds.

What makes this wallet attractive to many people around the world; it is easy and safe to use; in the following example, we want to explain how we can use this wallet in different systems.

How to get TrustWallet?

  • To install the TrustWallet app, you can use Google Play for Android version and the App Store for IOS operating systems.
  • To download this application, you can also refer to the official website of this wallet and get the download link directly; remember that many sites offer give application, but only use the official site of this application.
  • After you have installed the application; there are two different options, one of them is for people who already had a wallet and now want to sign in, and the other for people who want to create their own wallet for the first time.
  • In the next step you are given irrelevant words that follow a certain order; Write these words down in order; because when you want to return your wallet, the only way is to have these words.
  • After this step, your wallet is ready to use; you can control the currencies that you like on the first page of your wallet.

Many people ask if there is a computer version of this wallet. No; the manufacturer of this wallet has not yet released an official version for PC (Windows or Mac). If you visit some websites that put apps with this name, you should know that these versions are not published by TrustWallet and may endanger your property.

In this section, we looked at one of the safest wallets for storing crypto currencies; if you want to use this wallet, the only way to access it is through your mobile phone and there is no official version to use it on your computer.

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