How to swap Carlive chain to Ethereum on trust wallet?

How to convert Carlive to Ethereum in trust wallet? If you have a similar question and want to find the answer; Stay with us in this article on the shetcoiner website.


What is CarLive Chain?

CarLive Chain is an application in blockchain technology in the field of automotive structure. This structure is committed to creating a public value chain for automotive use through technological revolution. This service serves 1.3 billion car user groups worldwide and a trillion-dollar car consumption market, completely subverting the traditional model of centralized operation and bringing a completely new and joyful experience of car life to users.


CarLive chain aims to rebuild the business value system in social contact, e-commerce and online advertising based on millions of car users. The achievement of this system is to eliminate the credit crunch between car manufacturers, service providers and car users as well as solve car related problems from car users. It changes the conditions of high consumption and guarantees the safety of the car for you. In the following part, we are going to examine this issue that how can we transfer this token or swap it into another currency?


How to swap Carlive to Ethereum?

We all know that the best option for storing crypto currencies is to have a wallet. There are different types of wallets and you can categorize them based on the purpose you are pursuing and security. One of the wallets that is very famous and is used by anyone because of its simplicity is Trust Wallet. trust wallet is a very safe digital wallet that you can use to store your crypto currencies. Also, if you want to swap one currency into another currency, you can do this through decentralized exchanges that exist in the application itself.


  • The first step is to choose your desired currency. Here the currency we are going to convert is Carlive.


  • In the next step, we enter the amount that we want to convert from this currency; For example, do you want to swap your entire asset of this currency or do you want to convert only a part of it?


  • In this step, you will enter the currency you want to receive; For example, we want to receive Ethereum by converting Carlive; Therefore, the currency we want to receive will be Ethereum.


After that you complete these steps, we can select the confirmation option and wait for our transaction to be completed. Do not forget that you must use decentralized exchanges for this transfer; You can access some of these exchanges in your trust wallet; Our suggestion is to convert your assets through this section in your wallet.



In this article on the cryptolearn website, we have reviewed the Carlive token and the goals of this project. Also, in this article, we examined how you can convert your assets into another currency through a decentralized exchange in trust wallet.

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