How to send money from trust wallet to bank account?

How to transfer our money from Trust Wallet to our bank account? In this article on the Shetcoiner website, we want to examine this issue; So, stay with us until the end of this article.


What is a crypto currency wallet?

Nowadays, in order to protect their assets, people keep them in different wallets; One of the best wallets in the field of crypto currencies is Trust Wallet. This wallet has been able to attract the attention of many users with its ease of use and high security; Also, this wallet supports decentralized exchanges in the app itself, which makes the same task easier for the user. Next, we want to consider how we can transfer our assets from Trust Wallet to our bank account?

Before we talk about the main part, I want to guide you how you can get Trust wallet:

  • First of all, you need to search trust wallet in Google Play or App Store for your mobile phone operating system.
  • After installing TrustWallet, you now need to create your wallet; Here you will face a series of recovery phrases that are the most important part of your work; Because in the future, the only way you can access your wallet is these recovery phrases. Therefore, be sure to write them down in several different places and never share them with anyone.
  • Now you have created your own wallet and you can send or receive any amount of currency you want. For this, you can use the exchanges inside the wallet for transfer or you can use exchanges like Binance.

How can we transfer our assets from Trust Wallet to our bank account?


  • The first and most important point that you should pay attention to is that you cannot directly transfer your digital assets to your bank account; Here is a shortcut through which you can transfer your assets.
  • You must transfer your assets in a popular currency; If you have different currencies in your wallet, it is better to exchange them with a well-known currency so that you can transfer them to the exchange easily; This famous currency can be: Bitcoin, Ethereum or even BNB.
  • Transfer your assets to a centralized exchange: Here, once you have converted all your assets into a popular currency, you can receive them through a centralized exchange. There are many exchanges that you can choose based on what you want and transfer your assets. One of the best and safest exchanges that currently exist is Binance which provides you with a wide range of services and you can use it to transfer your assets.
  • After creating an account in Binance and completing your personal information, you can transfer your assets to your account and then through this exchange, convert your assets into fiat currency such as dollars and transfer it to your bank account.



Here we reviewed how we can transfer our assets from trust wallet to our bank account and what processes we must go through; We also checked one of the good exchanges through which we can buy or sell our assets. Another issue discussed in this article was the step-by-step training for creating an account in Trust Wallet; Don’t forget that you will receive recovery phrases during account creation that are very important and your only access to your wallet will be these recovery phrases, so you should take care of them.

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