How to mine Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second important currency that can be minded in Cryptocurrency market. In this post on Shetcoiner we will talk about how to mine Ethereum on android, iPhone and PC and Ethereum mining software. Most of the active users in the digital currency market consider mining Ethereum as reliable and significant source of income. This cryptocurrency was introduced in 2015.

How to mine Ethereum?

Miners are responsible for creating new tokens and blocks in the process. Totally there are 3 way to mine Ethereum.

  1. Single mining
  2. Mining pool
  3. Cloud mining services

Follow us to describe all of them completely:

1- Single mining:

In general, for mining Ethereum we need Mining Rig and mining service. But single mining need following items itself:

  • One or more Mining Rig
  • Having suitable space for mining
  • Ventilation facilities
  • Stable internet
  • Stable and cheap electricity

2- Joining to the mining pool:

As we said, with the popularity of Ethereum mining, the mining process is getting harder every day. In this competition, some miners may never succeed to earn a reward. Bitcoin or Ethereum mining pool was created with the idea of solving this problem. In mining pools, different miners share the hash power of their Ethereum mining machine with others. Therefore, a collection with a very high mining power is formed, which has a higher chance of winning the competition of mining each block.

3- Joining cloud mining services:

It is a kind of services to the how to mine Ethereum , that person doesn’t need for computer processing power or rig mining, just by paying mony he can mine Etherum or it is better to say he extract Ethereum.

But we know there are some difference for instruction between iPhone and android and pc. We will have a look to their differences

How to mine Ethereum on iPhone?

MobileMiner is a CPU miner for devices with ARM64 processor and iOS operating system, developed by Elias Limneos, a developer for Jelberik phones. What is interesting about the MobileMiner program is its simple setup and setting, and of course, there is no need to jelberik your phone! All you need to do to use this app is build and deploy the project using Xcode (or even download and install the precompiled build), create a wallet, and start Extract!

The MobileMiner app for mining currencies is based on the CryptoNote algorithm, which is the best algorithm for mining with CPU and not GPU, which makes mining with iOS devices and ARM64 processors work very well. Examples of currencies with the CryptoNote algorithm that you can mine with this iPhone miner are Bytecoin, Monero, Electroneum, etc.

How to mine Ethereum on android?

We all know that android phone are more common and also mining  digital currencies are more simple.

MinerGate Mobile Miner software, is a software for mining Ethereum with an Android phone. To use this software, you need to install it and then register in it. You will need an email to login. After creating an account, it will ask you two questions. Whether you want to create a mobile mining account or create a cloud mining account.

If you want to perform the mining operation with a mobile phone, the software will use your phone’s CPU and GPU graphics chips; but in cloud mining, the mining infrastructure will be on cloud servers.

But as a matter of fact, you have to know it is better that you don’t mine digital currencies by your phone because it hurts your phone and use a lot of  phone charging power.

How to mine Ethereum on PC?

In compare with explanation of how to mine Ethereum on iPhone and android totally mining Ethereum on pc is better and affordable but it has more levels. The steps that you should know:

1: Installing GPU drivers:

first of all you should install drivers and make sure to install theme.

2: Get Ethereum client:

You should step by step build a MyEtherWallet Ethereum.

3: Install mining and starting software:

Installing GETH on Windows and syncing the blockchain.

Final words

In this article from Shetcoiner we talked about Ethereum mining. This is an opportunity for those interested in the digital currency market to contribute to the stability and security of the network and to make a profit from it. But before mining, it is better to do enough research on how to mine to choose the best method. We explained about How to mine Ethereum on iPhone, on android, on pc. We hope you find this article useful!

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