How to make money in Coinbase?

How to make money in Coinbase exchange? In this article on shetcoiner site, we want to examine this issue; so stay with us until the end of this article.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is a trading platform that allows users to buy, sell and store more than 50 different crypto currencies. This exchange is designed for beginners; Coinbase Pro, on the other hand is a better service for experienced traders who trade large volumes and want more trading options. This platform is very simple and like many trading programs, users can see their inventory and tracking list which allows them to track the prices of different types of crypto currencies.

In addition, traders can check which of the crypto currencies has the highest price. The exchange is also introducing the Coinbase Card, which is a cash visa card that users can use to receive rewards and to spend assets in their portfolio.

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How to open an account in Coinbase?

Opening an account on Coinbase is very simple. If you want to do this, you need an ID card with a photo, as well as information such as your phone number. Also be prepared to answer questions about what you will use this platform for. When choosing a password, keep in mind that the password must be unique to someone else that you have not seen elsewhere and that multi-factor authentication is included to prevent hackers from infiltrating your account.


Before you can start trading, you must link a payment method to your Coinbase account. In the United States, you can use a bank account, cash card or PayPal account. Note that you cannot sell crypto currency using a PayPal account but you can make withdrawals. Once you have set up your digital wallet, you are ready to trade. Coinbase does not offer trades for all crypto currencies but regularly adds new ones.

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Making Money on Coinbase with crypto currencies

The crypto currencies have been featured in a lot of news after a number of them recently hit record highs. In recent months, Bitcoin has risen above $68,000 and more than double the price of previous months. Meanwhile Ethereum the second-largest crypto currency in terms of market value after Bitcoin, peaked in just a few months at around $4,800.

In these few months, Altcoins were able to attract the attention of many currencies. If you want to make money through digital currencies, as an investor, you need to check all the information. Your goal should always be to buy low and sell high and while no one knows where crypto currency prices will go, it will make future profits much harder for investors who buy today.

Coinbase Exchange Security

If you want to buy and sell crypto currency, you need a wallet in which to keep your currency. Unlike a regular wallet, a digital wallet has one big concern:

 Is wallet safe from hackers?

If you want to be safe from hacking your computer, you can go for a hardware wallet that is a physical device like USB that is not connected to the Internet. They come in many forms and can be expensive. For example, Ledger Nano X is one of these models.

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In this article, we have thoroughly examined the Coinbase exchange and its related parts on shetcoiner site. We also taught you how to make money in this way.

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