How to get unlimited Mana in the sandbox?

How to get unlimited Mana in sandbox? In this article on shetcoiner site, we want to consider this issue; so stay with us until the end of this article.

What is Mana Game?

Infinite Mana is a game with an emphasis on exploration, game play and glitch mechanics that takes place in the vast magical world of Arukea. This game has a unique design and the modern design of the game creates many features such as a large world to explore, a large number of mini-games, a system for creating and collecting and customizing characters through a unique class system called Guises.

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What are the terms of the game?

Follow your interests in this fascinating and mysterious story game. You can create your own adventure and fight with groups of enemies in which you can defeat your opponents with different skills that you learn during the game. The world of Arukea is a diverse collection of different races, each fighting with technology for their beliefs in an endless struggle for power.

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You can follow your favorite players and top builders through the social menu and combine and match over 170 elements to discover your unique interactions. Don’t forget to save your progress online with Game Center, Facebook or email.

How to get unlimited Mana?

One way you can check to get unlimited Mana is to go to the level you last completed to get unlimited Mana; not the level you are at right now. Repeat the level as you normally would. When you did, tap the icon but do not move to the next level, tap the pedia area.

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While on the pedia screen, press the buttons that say go back and then finish the level as you always did; But instead of saying no to Mana, click on 850. It only works at the level you last completed, and you can still do that level.

In this article, we have thoroughly examined the sandbox on shetcoiner site and explained the situations we will encounter; we also explained how to get Mana currency in this game.

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