How to send Ether to Coinbase?

If you want to know how to send Ether to Coinbase? Here in shetcoiner Website, we’re going to teach you how to transfer ether from coinbase to coinbase wallet? so if you want to know, follow the continuation of this article. You can also refer to What is Ethereum cryptocurrency? or What is Ethereum 2.0? and other related articles on our magazine, for more information.

About Ethereum

Ethereum is one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the market. Ethereum actually is the second biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market size and the importance between different cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency was made and developed by a young Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin. And nowadays sending Ether to Coinbase is one of greatest need for a lots of people.

How to send Ether to Coinbase?

Ethereum transmission network

Before we talk about How to send Ether to Coinbase? we should say that the Ethereum transmission network is known as the ERC-20 network. The ERC-20 standard is a set of rules and protocols that must be applied to a token to operate on the Ethereum system and blockchain. ERC-20 tokens are very practical and attractive due to their use in ICO processes.
Blockchain-based projects can use the Ethereum blockchain platform to raise capital until they build their own blockchain. These tokens can be transferred and stored on all valid Ethereum wallets. In the following, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of ERC-20 network.

Advantages of Ethereum Transmission Network:

  • The ERC-20 standard simplifies the token creation process and is therefore the most popular fundraising platform, or ICO.
  • Supports most digital currency wallets

Disadvantages of Atrium Transmission Network:

  • ERC-20 tokens have some problems, for example, they can sometimes be compromised when used as a payment method instead of ether in smart contracts.
  • High transfer fee in the Ethereum network.

The best network for transmitting Ethereum is the BEP20 network. BEP20 stands for Binance Chain Evolution Proposal2, a technical standard for creating and using new tokens in Binance chain. In addition to the BEP20 network, the ERC20 transmission network can also be used for Ethereum transmission.

But this network (ERC20) has some problems. For example, the many commissions it receives from users for transfers. Therefore, BEP20 network is more suitable for Ethereum transfer both in terms of transaction speed and cost of commissions than ERC20 network.

How to send ether to Coinbase?

In here we’re going to teach you how to send your Ether cryptocurrency to a Coinbase wallet step by step. Before starting to read the following steps, sign in to your Coinbase wallet account that is going to be your destination exchange.

Step by step guide of sending Ether to Coinbase:

  1. First enter to your Coinbase wallet after signing in to your account.
  2. Find your Ethereum wallet address, copy it and keep it in a safe place
  3. Go to the sending Ethereum section in your origin exchange or wallet.
  4. Then paste the Coinbase wallet address that you copied in step 2 in the empty textbox in front of you without any changes in it.
  5. Hit the send button and wait for receiving Ethereum in your Coinbase.

How to send Ether to Coinbase

How long will the sending process takes?

One of the questions that pop up in people’s minds after sending the Ether to their Coinbase wallet is that how much is it gonna take. this time mostly depend on the type of the origin wallet, transactions fee and networks status at the moment. Pay attention to the point that sometimes the network is busy or slow and it may take a little longer than what you expect to get the transition done.


In this article on shetcoiner we talked about How to send Ether to Coinbase? and we had a brief explanation on Ethereum blockchain to help you to know it better. If you’re interested in this topic, this article can be useful for you. You can also read our other related articles such as: What is Ethereum cryptocurrency? or What is Ethereum 2.0? and more, on our website.


    1. From the Coinbase Wallet home screen, select Receive, and then select the coin you’d like to receive. You’ll be shown a QR code with your unique wallet address directly below it.
      You can share that address with the sender, or if they’re using Coinbase Wallet, you can share your Wallet username.

    1. Coinbase Wallet supports Ethereum and all EVM-compatible networks in both the mobile app and browser extension. Coinbase Wallet comes with the following networks already configured, however you can add other EVM-compatible networks manually as well: Arbitrum. Avalanche C-Chain.

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