How to transfer Ripple to Wallet Ledger Nano s?

In this article on shetcoiner site, we want to teach you how you can transfer your ripples to your ledger wallet in the safest and fastest way possible; so stay with us until the end of the article.

 Ripple and its differences

As you know, a series of currencies have different differences with other currencies during transfers which distinguish it from each other and makes the process of their transfer proceed in a different way. Ripple is one of them; that means you have to use a series of tags and labels to transfer it.

How long does ripple take to transfer?

You can be a little confused here, but in this section we will examine it completely. First look at the process by which we are going to transfer Ripple to our Nano s Ledger wallet. Here, as a place for withdraw, we consider the Binance exchange. Note that if you haven’t purchased your Ledger wallet, it is recommended that you purchase this wallet from the official site, because it is much more expensive on other platforms and sites.

The most important steps to transfer Ripple :

How to transfer Ripple to Wallet Ledger Nano s?

  • Install your Ledger wallet.
  • Activate your Ripple account.
  • Transfer your ripples to the Nano s Ledger wallet.

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Install Ledger after you open your wallet, it will ask you to confirm your password or PIN. Note that if you have a problem in this area, the important thing is to update your wallet to the latest version. Then, you can click on the Add Account option. Activate Ripple account after going through the initial steps; you need to activate your asset, which is the same as Ripple, here. After that, in the receive section, you should get your Ripple download link so that you can make the transfer through it. Ripple transfer a ledger you can now log into your exchange account and transfer the amount of Ripples you want with the Ripple transfer link.


In the first part, make sure that this process works properly and there is no problem. It is recommended to move a small amount of Ripples, and if you are sure of its transfer, redo in the next transactions without any restrictions. You can leave the tag section blank during the transfer, but you will be faced with an exchange warning (Binance is an example); so you need to continue this section with the 2FA code. From February 2021, Ledger’s official documents show that you no longer need a tag and you can do your transactions without it.

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The process of transferring Ripple from the exchange account to the Ledger usually takes 10 minutes. In this section, you understood all the things you might know during the transfer. If you have a problem in this situation, you can contact us.

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