How Does Provenance Blockchain Work?

How does the Provenance Blockchain work? In this article on shetcoiner site, we want to examine all the points related to the Blockchain; So stay with us until the end of this article.


Provenance data source

Data Provenance is the basis for recording data history, from the beginning to the various stages of the data life cycle. Thus, the Provenance of the data helps to provide an accurate picture of how the data is collected, where it is stored, and how it is used. This process also forms a precise and continuous sequence for the data itself. Blockchain technology is a decentralized overall structure that is currently widely used, but not limited to crypto currencies. It can basically be thought of as a shared / semi-shared structure as legally defined in the Blockchain, and an immutable ledger for recording the sequence of events or a history of transactions that can be used to provide a high-level presentation.

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We look at how Blockchain technology can be useful to the data Provenance problem for datasets. They absorb data sets from multiple sources in the organization. This data source can be considered as an account in the Chinese Blockchain network. Therefore, each time a data set receives a piece of data from the source, the source must record its raw or hash data in the Blockchain network as part of the audit path.


This type of record is added using the source account in the Blockchain and is therefore signed by the source system. Here one is allowed to verify in the future that the relevant data is actually obtained from a reliable source with block validation in the Blockchain. This validation is done by recalculating the hash on the data and comparing it with the hash recorded in the block.

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In this article, we examined the total working space of the Provenance Blockchain on the shetcoiner site. The extent and size of the Blockchain structure is considerable, and we have examined it here in general terms.


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