How can you withdraw from trust wallet to bank account?

If you have a problem in transferring your money from Trust wallet to the bank account or any specific place, you should read this article on shetcoiner ;because I will give you a step-by-step train to learn this skill.


Cryptocurrency and the new way

These days crypto currencies are the most popular way among the people for transferring and you may need to pay for something or you want to receive the amount of money that you want through this way. How it is possible? Bank account? Yes, that’s a good choice; but if you located in a place that you haven’t access to your bank account, what would you like to do? To be honest, that’s not all; sometimes we don’t want to share our assets with other people and that’s belong to our private information; so crypto currencies are the best way to protect from your privacy and assets that are important for you and you don’t want to share or pay taxes for them.


How can you use crypto currencies through trust wallet?

Trust wallet is a software wallet that you can use for send and receive digital assets. There is no difference between crypto currencies, digital lands and NFTs. Trust wallet helps your coin to work by staking in a flexible way. It means that your crypto currencies will continue to making money for you.

withdraw from trust wallet to bank account

Another thing that distinguished Trust wallet from other wallets is the way that you can buy your favorite crypto currencies without any problem. In the trust wallet you can buy crypto currencies with your credit card and you haven’t challenges like things that are usual in the crypto currency exchanges.


How to withdraw money from trust wallet?

In this part I will teach you how can you withdraw your assets in 4 steps.

Step 1

First of all, you need to swap your assets to a popular crypto currency like BNB or Ethereum. You can do this by transferring your tokens to these currencies.

Step 2

The next step is to create an account on a popular crypto currency exchange. You can choose any exchange that you want that allows you to transfer your crypto for fiat currencies. Binance is highly recommended exchange, because it is a safe place to transfer your assets and it supports over 60 fiat currencies. So, you can transfer your cryptocurrencies easily.


When you’ve created your account, you will find yourself on dashboard section. Click on the wallet in Fiat and Spot section on the navigation bar and go to this wallet.


Now it’s time to transfer your assets. You will open your trust wallet and click on Send part. You will have an address that you must put it on this place. How could you get it? When you want to receive a crypto, you have an address for this transaction between sender and receiver. Choose your blockchain and go to the next step.

Step 3

everything is ready to transfer the amount of cryotocurrency that you want in the best way. Now you need to choose the amount of asset that you want to transfer. After that you did this step, you should wait for confirmation of this transaction. This process will take about 10 to 30 minutes.

Step 4

When you received the cryptocurrency on the exchange, now you can sell it for fiat currency. After that you will select the currency that you want to receive in your bank account. After this part you will go to the confirmation page. Finally, you will receive your money in the bank account.


In this part we talked about the reasons that people use crypto currencies. In the next part I explained about the steps that you need to pass for transferring your assets from trust wallet to the bank account. Don’t forget that the exchange that you use is really important to be safe for transferring or using for transaction.

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