How to Buy Bitcoin in Coinbase?

How to Buy Bitcoin in Coinbase? Buying Bitcoin is something that nowadays has increased a lot between big and small investors. This cryptocurrency has been able to break a good record due to its sudden increase in price since last year along with the global gold price (XAU). In this article in shetcoiner website we are trying to teach you how to buy Bitcoin in Coinbase.


How to buy Bitcoin in Coinbase; Step by Step guide

  1. Login to your Coinbase
  2. Click on the “Buy/Sell” button at the right.
  3. Click on the “Buy” button in front of Bitcoin symbol in the opened pop up.
  4. Enter the Amount of Bitcoin that you want to buy in the textbox in the top of the symbol.
  5. Now select your desired payment method in the “Pay with” textbox.
  6. Then Click on the “Preview Buy” button to see your buy’s specifications. In this step you can see if you have made any mistake in the 3rd or 4th step and go back and correct your Coinbase buy.
  7. If you have read the specifications of your purchase, you can click on “Buy Now” button to complete it.

If you want to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in a repetitious and periodic way on Coinbase, you can select the “One Time Purchase” button and select the amount of times of repeating the Bitcoin purchase in Coinbase.


What the minimum amount of Bitcoin that I can buy?

In Coinbase, you can buy and sell any cryptocurrency with at least two units of your local money and currency like 2 dollars or 2 euros.

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