Morgan Stanley buys 28,000 shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Fund

Morgan Stanley buys 28,000 shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Fund

U.S Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents show that one of the investor’s funds that is dependent on Morgan Stanley’s American Financial Services Company has bought over 28,000 shares of Grayscale Bitcoin.

According to “the Block”, Europe Opportunity fund that is dependent to Morgan Stanley’s financial services company, has bought 28,189 shares of Bitcoin Grayscale. The worth of these shares is something near 1.3 million dollars. Opportunity fund gives risky investment services to a lots European companies.

Morgan Stanley’s American financial services company announced in the April that gave some of its affiliates the permission to invest on different funds. Morgan Stanley Institutional Investment Fund and Insight Fund are among the other investment funds the company has licensed to invest in. this investing permission contains the right to indirectly use tools to invest on bitcoin.

The published documents show that Morgan Stanley’s Financial Services company allowed its affiliates to invest 25% of their whole stock on digital currencies.

Grayscale is the world’s biggest fund for investing on digital currencies, provides the ability of a safe investing without legal problems for big companies. The price of Grayscale shares is different to the Bitcoin’s Price in future exchanges.

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Assets managed by Grayscale have declined in recent months as the digital currency market has collapsed, also New data shows that the Grayscale Bitcoin Fund has 21 billion dollars in managed capitals.

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