Enable Dapp browser on Trust wallet (Step by step)

In this article on the shetcoiner site, we are going to talk about Dapp and how to Enable Dapp browser on Trust wallet? Using Dapp helps us to use other decentralized platforms such as PancakeSwap in our wallet. Simplicity and availability of many features at the same time that this wallet makes it different from others.

To access the Dapp section, you need to do the steps that we are going to examine in detail in this article. You can also refer to our other related articles such as: How to change Trust Wallet recovery phrase? or Does TrustWallet report to irs? and more. So join our website and follow our useful articles!

Trust wallet

People who work in the field of crypto currencies want to keep their assets in a safe place to avoid any danger and problems. There are several ways to store crypto currencies, which one of them is to use wallets. Wallets can keep your assets safe and in addition provide you with a wide range of services such as access to different currencies or converting currencies to each other. One of these wallets is the Trust wallet, which has attracted many people with easy to use.

How to Enable Dapp browser on Trust wallet? First of all, go to the Preferences section through the settings section at the bottom of your wallet and then enable it in your wallet. You can also use the following guide for this section:

  1. Open TrustWallet,
  2. Go to Settings,
  3. Go to Preferences,
  4. Select DApp browser,
  5. Enable it!

Note that if you are using iOS, it is not possible to do. Instead, you have to do it yourself. Now we need to take a look at how to enable the browser in your TrustWallet. If you are using the iPhone system and you want to enable this feature (Trust wallet Dapp browser IOS) in your system; you need to do these steps manually, which we will consider it.

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How to enable Dapp browser on Trust wallet?

The first method

  • First of all you need to use a browser; it could be Safari, Chrome or other browsers.
  • You must enter this address in your browser’s box trust://browser_enable.
  • After you open this page; a message will appear on your screen that you must be transferred to the app to continue the process.

Finally, by clicking on the Open option, you can enter the program. By doing this, you have automatically enabled the Dapp feature in your application. If you still cannot see the icon; this means that the process is not done properly; now you have to do it again.

The second method

You can open PancakeSwap in your browser and then connect it to your WalletConnect. After opening PancakeSwap in a browser such as Safari or Chrome, you need to click on WalletConnect.

  • After clicking on this section, a list of wallets will open for you, and you will select your TrustWallet.
  • Then click on confirm; and after that in your wallet you can allow it to connect to PancakeSwap.

If you are using an iPhone system; one of these two ways can be useful for you. The removal of this part in iOS systems is to comply with the App Store guidelines so TrustWallet can continue offering its services to you. And there is no restriction imposed by TrustWallet; therefore, other services are provided for those who use this system.


In this article on shetcoiner, we talked about how to enable Dapp browser on Trust wallet? So, if you want to know about this issue, this article is good for you. We have some related articles on our website that you should go and visit them to learn, such as: How to change Trust Wallet recovery phrase? or Does TrustWallet report to irs? and more.

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