Does Binance accept U.S costumers

Does Binance accept U.S costumers: Binance US is one of the best ways for United States’ citizens for buying and selling and investing on Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. But sadly because of the limitations of United States government for Main Binance, Binance US stated its activities in the United States.

In this article in the shetcoiner website, we are trying to answer some questions about confirming U.S customers in Binance and Binance US for American citizens and customers.


Does Binance accept U.S customers?

Unfortunately, due to United States law, American citizens should not have an account at a Binance exchange and trade cryptocurrencies and bitcoins.

Therefore, Binance has prepared a list of countries that have problems with it, and if you go to Binance with IP of America, you will see a message that your access to IP America is limited in Binance and you will not be able to create an account or Login to Binance account.

To solve this problem, Binance has established Binance US in the United States and has selected the top managers of this exchange from American citizens themselves. The director of this exchange, Catherine Coley, has been the manager of the investment fund of an American financial and banking company in her previous executive history.


Who possess the ownership of Binance US?

This exchange is based in the United States and Catherine Coley is its CEO (Chief Executive Officer). This exchange is completely separate from the main Binance exchange and is a separated company as a whole. Its CEO is Catherine Coley, a former investment banker for Morgan Stanley. The CEO of the main Binance is Changpeng Zhao, and this exchange has no right to operate in the United States.

Binance US and Main Binance say they are generally two separate companies according to general people’s saying and Binance US follows the laws of the United States of America. Your question may be that the US budget is for China? No; Binance US operates under United States’ law and has no connection to China. Even the main Binance only some of its managers have Chinese citizenship and Binance is not based in China.


What should American Binance customers do for using this exchange?

Binance US has its own rules for American customers for using this exchange. To use this exchange after initial registration and basic account, you can only trade cryptocurrencies to each other and you can’t convert dollars into cryptocurrencies and buy and sell. US customers must use KYC authentication at the following levels to use Binance higher level plans:

  1. Basic Verification
  2. Advance Verification
  3. Fiat Account Verification

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