Craig Wright’s strange winning in his White Paper Bitcoin ownership court!

Craig Wright’s strange winning in his White Paper Bitcoin ownership court!

Based on Craig Wright and court judgment, the website’s managers and admin have to remove White Paper Bitcoin from their website. website also needs to publish a statement and pay Craig Wright the amount of 48,600 dollars for the cost of litigation that Wright paid for.

According to Kevin telegraph, Craig Wright is calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto for a long time and has been involved in a lot of legal claims. In his last legal claim that was happened lately, Cobra and website handlers, didn’t answer Craig Wright’s claims and the court announced Craig Wright’ victory in this legal claim after and Cobra’s silence and not answering.

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In this legal device Wright was claiming that White Paper Bitcoin is at his disposal and no one can use it without his permission.

This strange legal victory was happened because Cobra and website developers decided to don’t defend themselves.

Onter legal company was at the court to defend wright and described his winning as an “important” and “big” progress for Craig Wright’s legal support for the right to publish his own White Paper.

One of the Onter company’s high ranked lawyers, Simon Cohen says:

“Dr. Wright doesn’t seek to restrict access to his own white paper. However, he does not agree that sponsors and developers of alternative assets, such as Bitcoin Core, should use it to promote or even discredit these assets as bitcoin. It should not be forgotten that they don’t support the purpose of Bitcoin, as he stated in his White Paper.”

In July, Wright has sent some letters to, Bitcoin Core and and asked them to remove the White Paper Bitcoin that they published in their website.

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After a while in April, the court allowed Wright to raise his complaint to Cobra and outside Britain Jurisdiction and with an E-mail. Based on court vote, Cobra had 22 days to answer to this complaint from Craig Wright.

Cobra twitted this at the end of his 22 days’ deadline:

“No. I didn’t attend to court because defending against absurd claims are waste of time.”

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