CoinbaseWallet VS TrustWallet ?

In this article on Shetcoiner site, we are going to review two very well-known wallets in the field of crypto currencies. Once people became familiar with the world of crypto currencies, the need arose to keep their currencies safe. Here, many companies with very advanced technologies create these services so that people can store their currencies in the network of these wallets. The most widely used and well-known wallets in this field are CoinbaseWallet and TrustWallet.


Coinbase is one of the safest networks where investors and traders can safely keep their currencies. This network is one of the safest platforms that store your currencies online. It is one of the reasons that attract many people to this wallet. Many wallets are not well compatible with Fiat currencies and cannot establish a good relationship in the exchange and conversion of these currencies to crypto currencies or vice versa. What makes the Coinbase known is the excellent compatibility with Fiat currencies.


The security of the Coinbase wallet is at a high level. In addition, you can access your wallet on any device with your private keys; Two-step authentication, 2FA authentication, and access to Google Authenticator are some of the high-security features of this wallet. It is interesting to know that this company has been able to have a record of 0 hacks during its working history. This means that no one has been able to access the network illegally or to steal it.

CoinbaseWallet VS TrustWallet ?

You do not need to do much to prepare a Coinbase wallet. Everyone can access this application for free through their mobile and Google play or App sore. After installing the application, you register and in this step, you choose your account type, whether your account is personal or created commercially. After that, you will complete your information and after authentication, you will be the user of one of the best and safest wallets in the world.

In this part, we are going to talk about Trustwallet. As you know, when you search about crypto currencies, you will hear the name Trustwallet; because it is one of the best and most popular networks through which people around the world store their currencies. When this company wanted to define itself, Trustwallet says that it is a safe place where you can keep your Bitcoins. The Trustwallet has one of the simplest networks for storing and transfer crypto currencies.

This network is so simple that anyone with any level of knowledge can use it. This is one of the reasons why Trustwallet has become so popular. Another advantage that can be expressed in relation to this wallet is that this wallet support many currencies and networks. When users can access these features without any restrictions by installing an application, they will use it as the best option. This wallet is very convenient to use. After installing the mobile version through Google play or the App store you can create an account and take advantage of the features of this wallet.

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