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Who are the biggest owners and holders of Cardano and how much money do they have? In this article on shetcoiner site, we want to examine this issue, so stay with us until the end of this article.



Why was Cardano created? One of the main goals was to solve the problem that Bitcoin and Ethereum were facing: scalability and environmental compatibility, which, after four years enabled them to launch smart contracts, which led them to create a new world in crypto currencies and largely remove past restrictions. Analysts believe that the creation of Cardano with such goals has stabilized it and made it able to gain the trust of many people; undoubtedly, many people will invest in this field in the future with this goal.

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Cardano focuses on education, finance, retail, agriculture, government and health care; as a result the number of ADA holders increases over time. So, it shows that Blockchain has matured around the world, and Cardano is expanding its various parts; For example, there are several government agencies in Africa that have partnered to invest in Cardano’s multimillion-dollar projects. The companies recently released a series of updates on what Cardano will do in Africa to help advance use and acceptance of Blockchain in one of the Cardano latest events. Everything seems to be going well for Cardano in Africa and we have to wait for big things to happen for Cardano.


The future of Cardano 


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Famous people have talked about the future of Cordano, but if we take a closer look, you will see that this currency with the goal it pursues can grow very quickly and generate a lot of money for its holders. Undoubtedly, if Cardano projects go well in the next six months, good profits await you. It is clear that the future of the market cannot be predicted, but it is certain to keep it for the future and the usefulness of this currency. Now we want to look at the biggest Cardano holders and how much of this currency they hold.


Address Quantity Percentage
Ae2tdPwUPEZ5faoeL9oL2wHadcQo3mJLi68M4eep8wo45BFnk46sMkvCmM9 653,271,840 1.45%
addr1q8keyq4ku7caa3nppa0p3z9f4avj0cgsv2r890322j9ke05nfrlkaatu28n0qzmqh7f2cpksxhpc9jefx3wrl0a2wu8qgmp 220,398,298




addr1q8hsff3uwtphx7dtya7unjwjwug52e5jvqp09je6pwqx8k4jvuxrw2x5rr7e258a33yzkrhhlrrc5ezvd2z7qtdq0gasme4 200,000,055




addr1q9nqx7xe9fsqf2xeyczfgvg7cq3ny64a9vaw0k8p9jgrptvnfrlkaatu28n0qzmqh7f2cpksxhpc9jefx3wrl0a2wu8qu5u 171,634,739 0.38%


addr1q9e3vecku9th6n0d7d2364xsulrk7tgcmhj5xxcnklp4hgynfrlkaatu28n0qzmqh7f2cpksxhpc9jefx3wrl0a2wu8q7g6 159,879,462 0.36%

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In this article, we have examined all the different goals and parts of Cardano on the shetcoiner site; We also looked at the addresses of the five major wallets that hold the currency along with their percentage impact on the currency; Remember that this currency can have an impact on the financial future and will gain acceptable growth.

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