Can you buy cardano on gemini? + Alternative exchanges

cardano on gemini

The recent Cardano network has gained a lot of fans. This network has entered the cryptocurrency with many ambitious goals and is known as the Ada token. But one of the primary problems for many Blockchain networks is the lack of tokens in most exchanges. Cardano, like many other tokens, is not available in all exchanges. In this article in shetcoiner, we will discuss whether Cardano is available in a gemini exchange or not, and we will deal with alternative gemini exchanges to buy Cardano.

The gemini exchange is one of the oldest exchanges in crypto currency and many know and call it the same period with the early exchanges and the first generation of crypto currencies, but unfortunately this exchange is completely upgraded due to its mechanisms and processes. Gemini was launched in 2015 as a crypto currency trading platform. The platform was attractive to both beginner investors, traders and professional investors, and there are several options for buying and selling crypto currencies.

Cardano (ADA) Smart Contracts – Everything You Need to Know

Is Cardano available on gemini and can we buy it?


No, unfortunately Cardano and Ada tokens are not available in the Gemini exchange and they are not listed, moreover this is also mentioned in the Cardano page on the Gemini site. On this page of the gemini exchange site, only you can see Cardano’s price and chart, and Cardano has said in part:

Stay up to date on Cardano

We currently do not offer this token. Create an account to get updated when new tokens are added.

So you cannot buy Cardano on gemini exchange, so what to do now? Your only option is to use other exchanges that the Cardano is available and listed as a Gemini replacement.

Gemini alternatives to buy Cardano

In the rest of this article, we will look briefly at Gemini alternatives to buying Ada (Cardano).

Cardano Top Holders

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Unfortunately, the Binance US exchange has been restricting the purchase and maintenance of Deposit and Withdraw Cardano tokens, ada, for some time. So you can buy, maintain or move ada to your wallet with an initial authentication on the official Binance site.


You can also buy Cardano on the popular American exchange like Coinbase and then you can easily sell it on this exchange. Cardano Exchange is one of the most controversial and popular exchanges in the US and has many fans.


Kraken is another US exchange that is very popular today after Coinbase. Kraken has a longer history than other exchanges, especially the newcomer Coinbase, and is one of the first exchange offices established in the United States to provide crypto currency trading services. You can buy from this secure exchange with a minimum purchase amount of 25 Ada and keep it there or transfer it to your wallet.


Best place to buy Cardano? (The best Exchanges)

Kucoin Exchange is another reputable crypto currency exchange that offers you Ada shopping services. You can easily register and buy Cardano in this exchange with the least need for long-term authentication, etc.

gemini cardano

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  1. Hello
    I can’t thank you enough for good information, but I have a question that which exchange is better?

  2. Hi
    Hope you’re doing well…
    Can you tell me why Cardano and Ada aren’t available in Gemini? And can you tell me which of the exchanges you have listed the best are?

    1. This may be related to laziness in the work of Gemini exchange, they have not published a specific reason! Coinbase and Kraken are recommended if you are in the US, otherwise Binance and other exchanges

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