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is bitfinex available in the us?

is bitfinex available in the us? Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange is one of the oldest and most well-known exchanges in the world, which is managed by a company called ifinix. The exchange was hacked once in 2015 and some $ 70 million was stolen from its users’ assets. Bitfinex, among other cryptocurrency exchanges, is known for its Stable Coin news (like USDT) and has always been a newsmaker. In this article in shetcoiner website we are trying to answer your question about that can I use Bitfinex in the United States.

Bitfinex exchange

Bitfinex exchange

This exchange has been operating since 2012 and is known for providing business services, and fast and reliable loans among its global customers. The exchange also has leverage or futures trading.

Buy on Bitfinex with credit card

Bitfinex is subject to global regulations, and the exchange also allows the sale of tokens that are reviewed by your company before the project begins. Therefore, in terms of the validity of ICO tokens, Bitfinex has a high reputation.

Is Bitfinex available in United States? and can I use bitfinex in the USA?

No, unfortunately this exchange does not exist in the United States and you can’t use Bitfinex in the USA. One of the reasons that Bitfinex isn’t active in the United States and does not support American users is that it has to provide a lot of legal requirements to the US government and that is why Bitfinex does not do that.

Bitfinex executives have indicated a clear offer on the priority and lease, but US officials are still hesitant about many of the issues directly or indirectly related to cryptocurrencies.

Why can’t I use Bitfinex in United States?

As we have said, the United States does not have clear rules on cryptocurrencies, nor does it abandon passing good new laws that benefit customers and exchanges. Therefore, there is no reason for the Bitfinex exchange to endanger its position and engage with US lawmakers by supporting and selling cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens to US citizens.


Bitfinex also cites the lack of clarity in US regulations, and the recent complaint by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Ripple as one of the logical reasons why it should not enter the US market.

Bitfinex has also directly and indirectly stated that the company does not intend to launch its commercial products in the United States until it can obtain a license in the United States and operate as a legitimate business in this country.

Can American customers use Bitfinex by VPN? Is Bitfinex available in the US?

No. The terms of service of Bitfinex Company have unequivocally stated that any unauthorized access to this exchange is not allowed, and even if you try to register, your registration will be rejected due to non-compliance with the rules in your jurisdiction. And about this question I want to say NO; this is not possible to use Bitfinex in the USA. So it’s better not to bother yourself and use other alternative exchange offices of Bitfinex in the United States.

Bitfinex’s hard rules for U.S. Users and Bitfinex’s alternative for them

Bitfinex’s replace exchanges in United States of America:

Pay attention to the fact that the new rules of these exchanges may change, but in the last situation that we know the use of these exchanges in the United States under other circumstances is not a problem and you can use them easily. So be sure to check out their latest laws for your country on each site, or ask their contact number or email and online support for each law in your country.

difference between Binance chain and Binance smart chain?

Also note that in the list we have given you, the two exchanges Binance US and Coinbase are currently very active and popular in the United States. Polonix and Kraken exchanges are also old and long-established exchanges without any legal problems. And Robin Hood Exchange is one of the new and strange exchanges of cryptocurrencies in the United States that you can use to your advantage.

In this section, we are going to talk about several features of the Bitfinex index.

Margin Funding on Bitfinex

Margin Funding on Bitfinex

In this type of market, peer-to-peer financing allows users to leverage their digital assets by lending their funds to others who want to trade by leverage.

Margin Funding

This section allows you to use your capital in addition to avoiding the risks of the transaction. If you are looking for a low risk investment strategy, this is the best way to invest. If you want to know more about this part, you can read on the Bitfinex site.



Bitfinex provides a private OTC marketplace for traders looking to make large direct trades with the other party without using public orders. The OTC market allows you to access a significant amount of liquidity without affecting the price of the foreign exchange market. In this article on Shetcoiner, we talked about everything you need to know about Bitfinex.


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