How to Buy EOS on Binance?

How to Buy EOS on Binance? EOS is a cryptocurrency based on Blockchain that started working with the purpose of providing Dapp services and fee free and super-fast transition, but now in the middle of its work, a lot of experts believe that this cryptocurrency has failed to reaching its goals. Here in shetcoiner website we are trying to teach you briefly that how to buy EOS on Binance.


Buying EOS on Binance

To buy EOS cryptocurrency in Binance you need some cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or StableCoin like Tether or USDC to convert it to EOS, also having an account in Binance can help you in buying EOS faster.


How to Buy EOS on Binance; Step by Step Guide

1: Login to your Binance account.

2: Make sure that you have some Bitcoin or StableCoin in your account before proceeding to the next steps.

3: Now go to the “Trade” section at the top of the Binance’s website.

4: In this step you’ll have two options that you need to choose between them. “Convert” or “Classic Trade”

5: the “Classic Trade” section can be a little hard for rookie users. The mechanism of this section is that you have to select your desired currency in the search bar at top left corner and use BTC/EOS or USDT/EOS for buying EOS. After selecting your currency pair in the Classic section, you can use various section options such as Limit, Market and other options for your purchase.

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In the Limit order in this section, you specify a price, and at this price, Binance registers an order for you in its book order, and if the price reaches its limit, your buying or selling position will be activated and applied.
Also, in the Market order, you will actually make your purchase immediately and quickly according to the market price with the volume it needs, and you will no longer need to register a limit order to buy at a certain price. The purchase price in the Market will be a little higher, but the purchase is much faster and instantaneous.

6: For using the “Covert” section, you need to choose the origin currency that you want (like Bitcoin) in the first textbox and EOS in the second one and then press on the “Preview Conversion”.

7: If you are sure about converting your cryptocurrency or StableCoin to EOS, Click on the “Convert” Button.

8: If the timer on the “Convert” was ended press “Refresh” to update the prices in the Binance exchange and proceed to buy EOS.

9: After that Binance’s operation was finished, a success message for your convert with a green check on it will be shown to you. The details of your transition will be shown too.

10: After seeing this message, you can go to the previous page by pressing “Back” and go to the “Trade History” by clicking on the “View Status” option to see the full details of your successful transition.


Keep EOS in Bainance or software exchange wallet

Note that after buying EOS from Binance exchange, be sure to transfer it to a secure wallet such as Trust Wallet or Atomic to be in a safe place away from hackers. Keeping cryptocurrencies in the online wallets of exchange offices has potential risks of getting hacked. Binance has repeatedly commented on the security of its online exchange wallet, however, insisting that you keep your cryptocurrencies in software and hardware wallets as well.

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