Is Binance a wallet or exchange?

Is Binance a wallet or exchange? Binance is an exchange platform that has been operating since 2017 and was founded by Changpeng Zhao and Yi He. Perhaps the question about Binance is whether Binance is a wallet or an exchange has been in some of rookie’s minds in cryptocurrency market and we are trying to answer this question for you guys.

Binance is actually and exchange that has a lot of wallets for its customers. One of the wallets that Binance has is its own wallet that is called Binance exchange’s online wallet and one of the others is Trust wallet.

As we said one of the other wallets that Binance helped a lot in developing and introducing it is Trust wallet. Trust wallet is a developed subset by Binance that was developed in Dapp network. Trust wallet was made in 2017 and with Binance at the same time contrary to popular belief.

This dependent wallet to Binance supports a lot of cryptocurrencies. One of the special features if this wallet is supporting tokens that are made in Binance Chain. You can find your desired token with copying the Smart Contract address in Trust wallet’s search bar.

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