Binance suspends euro deposits because of legal ambiguities!

Binance suspends euro deposits: Binance exchange suspended euro’s deposits using SEPA system (Single Euro Payments Area) for an unknown reason Simultaneously with increasing of the strictness of monitoring and Bank systems in different countries. According to SEPA, from 2020 until now, 36 European countries, including 27 members of European Union like England and some other countries are using SEPA to do their Bank and money transitions.

According to You Today, Binance cryptocurrency exchange has announced to its customers in these countries with an E-mail that it’s suspending the Euro deposits that are using SEPA.

This is the content of Binance Announcement:

Due to events beyond our control, we are temporarily suspending EUR deposits via SEPA Bank Transfers from 8 am UTC on July 7, 2021.

Binance also added to this announcement that this exchange is trying to solve this problem with it partners.

Despite this limitation in Binance for Binance customers still can deposit money to their Binance Euro using cash or credit card.

The suspension of the euro bank transfers in Binance comes as regulators and banks around the world have launched an increasing investigation into the exchange. Earlier, before the announcement on July 7th, another announcement was made that the transfer of money from Barclays Bank to Binance would be banned.

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