Binance’s BTC minimum trade amount

How much in BTC’s minimum trade in Binance? + BTC Futures

Binance minimum trade BTC: Binance Exchange has become the most popular and marginal Bitcoin and crypto exchange in the world today. The exchange has attracted a large number of users by offering a large number of coins, tokens and futures trading contracts, and has thus become the central exchange of cryptocurrencies.

In this article on the shetcoiner website, we will address your question about what is the minimum Bitcoin trading amount in Binance, and we have also specified the minimum trading volume in futures trades for Bitcoin.

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minimum BTC trade amount in Binance

The minimum Bitcoin trade amount in Binance exchange can sometimes vary according to market conditions and the exchange itself, but according to the general rules announced by this exchange, the minimum BTC trade amount is 0.000001 BTC, equal to 10 USDT. Of course, this is the minimum amount for the BTC / USDT currency pair. ETH / BTC is 0.001 ETH.

Note that these two rates are one for FIAT Market and the other for BTC Market, one for trading Bitcoins in local and national currencies and the other for trading Bitcoins in other cryptocurrencies.

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minimum BTC trade amount in Binance Futures

In Perpetual futures contracts, the minimum trading amount is different and you must observe the minimum amount in Bitcoin trading. The minimum Bitcoin trading volume in Futures Binance 0.001 BTC is equal to 5 USDT.

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For your better information about these conditions, we have provided you with pictures from the Binance site in this regard, in which you can also see other conditions for trading in Binance (Classic) and trading in Binance Futures.

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Another thing to keep in mind when trading in futures trading is the difference between futures and classic binaries, and this amount can change at different times depending on market conditions. Also, trading in Classic Binance is much less risky than the Futures section of Binance, and the use of Binance Futures is recommended only for professionals in trading.

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