Best bitcoin wallet for android

With the widespread use of bitcoin, getting know by bitcoin wallet becomes necessary for all users. We are here from Shetcoiner and give you some information about best bitcoin wallet for android 2022. Despite of there is also best bitcoin wallet for iPhone but because of there are too much android users, it is more popular. First of all you should know something about bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin wallet

In simple terms and away from technical basics, a digital currency wallet is a software that is installed on a mobile phone or a personal computer and digital currency can be sent, received or stored. There are different types of Bitcoin wallets that can be used on different platforms. The most important types of wallets are:

  • Desktop
  • Online
  • Hardware
  • Mobile

Top 10 Bitcoin wallet

Android bitcoin wallet are the kind of app that install on mobile phone and based on android system. Because of becomes popular using mobile phone, there are too much kinds of bitcoin wallet. It is important for choosing wallet you regard some factors such as validity, acceptability, security, user-friendliness and the possibility of using it in different countries were considered.

  1. Trust wallet
  2. Blue Wallet
  3. Bitcoin wallet
  4. Mycelium
  5. Electrum wallet
  6. Trezor
  7. eToro
  8. Exodus
  9. Pionex
  10. Bitstamp

5 important items of best bitcoin wallet for android

We will explain some of important types of that

1: Trust wallet

Without exaggeration Trust Mobile Wallet is one of the best bitcoin wallets (especially for new users). Available on Android and iOS, this completely free wallet belongs to the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. However, the software save the private keys on the user’s device, so neither Binance nor anyone else can access the assets except the owner.

Blue Wallet: it is one of the bitcoin wallet that it is special for this digital currency. Although mono currency may be considered a weakness for this wallet, but it has caused the development team to devote all their attention to the development of features related to Bitcoin; For example, Blue Wallet is one of the few mobile wallets that supports the Lightning network. Also, even though this wallet has professional features, it can be used by novice users as well, and the user interface is not very complicated.

2: Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin Wallet is one of the first Bitcoin wallets and considered one of the Best bitcoin wallet for android that was released in 2013. This wallet does not have the complexities of some other wallets like Mycelium and its user interface is designed very simply. Bitcoin Wallet connects directly to the Bitcoin network using SPV technology. SPV, or “Simple Payments Validation,” uses a third-party service to retrieve information instead of downloading the entire blockchain. This wallet is completely open source and it is possible to check all its codes.

3: Mycelium

One another popular bitcoin wallet is Mycelium. This software, which has started supporting Ethereum and its tokens in addition to Bitcoin, has been regularly updated for a long time and is very reliable. Mycelium provides users with special features so that they can perform their transactions in the best way and keep their bitcoins safe. Receiving and paying in hardware and paper wallets through Mycelium is another attractive feature of this wallet. If we want regard the weak points of this wallet, it is s not very attractive that new user consider this as he wallet they want use for first times.

4: Electrum wallet

One another Best bitcoin wallet for android is this. Electrum wallet was originally considered for personal computers and for using all its features, desktop version should be installed. However, the mobile version of this wallet is also a suitable option for professional Bitcoin users. Both of desktop and android version are open source. This wallet has Security and personalization adjective that most of bitcoin wallets has not.

5: Trezor

It is one of the best Satoshi Lab products, which is considered one of the best hardware wallets in the world. Currently, a significant percentage of investors use this wallet to store their digital currencies. The Trezor wallet has the latest technologies to maintain the security of digital currencies, which is why it can be considered almost impossible to break into it. If you want to know about How to transfer Bitcoin from Coinnbase to Trezor?, click on!

Best bitcoin wallet for iPhone

For Best bitcoin wallet for iOS we have some types:

  • Ledger Nano X
  • Apple app store rating
  • ZenGo
  • Edge
  • Abra

Some tips for security

Be careful most of Maintain security for its bitcoin depends on you. So for reducing risk should regard some tips:

  • Before storing bitcoins in these wallets, be sure to make a backup of your wallet, so that you can recover the amounts. If the wallet is deleted, the device crashes or any other problem. If you don’t have a backup, your property will be lost forever.
  • Always set a security password for entering. Or other option such as using biometric features such as fingerprint sensor to log into your wallet.
  • Download application from reliable site (official website or Google Play). Never directly download APK file from unknown sources.

Final word

All Top 10 Bitcoin wallet for android and also best bitcoin wallet for iPhone that was introduced from Shetcoiner  were most popular wallet for bitcoin. Android bitcoin wallets are safe and easy way to save bitcoin in condition you choose a good and reliable wallet. So in this article we talked about Best bitcoin wallet for android, also name of best bitcoin wallet for iPhone and some tips for security wallets.

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