How to get free Axie account? (Secrets You Must Know)

How to get free Axie account? How to get Axie infinity for free in Axie? Nowadays, monetization of cryptocurrencies and their derivatives, such as NFT tokens, has been considered by various users around the world. In this article on Shetcoiner we will answer your questions about how to get Axie for free? and we will introduce Axie infinity as well. We will also talk about other topics, such as:

  • What is Axie Infinity? About Axie Infinity
  • What is Axie Infinity’s business model for making money?
  • How do you start playing Axie Infinity? Step-by-step training
  • How to get free Axie account? Axie infinity free

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What is Axie Infinity? About Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an online game that revolves around cute creatures known as Axies. Players can collect Axies as virtual pets with the desire to battle, raise and build a kingdom for their Axies. What sets Axie Infinity apart from other online games is the synergy it creates between standard online games and blockchain.

The game is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is designed according to its standards, which allows players to own their virtual assets and rewards players who can reach an advanced level of skill. If you want to use this game, to get started, users have to go through a multi-step setup process to connect their digital wallets and Axie Infinity account, which is easy to do.

After successfully connecting the accounts, the player can interact with the market. Only those who have bought 3 Axies can use this game. Once the player has 3 cute creatures, he can download the app and start playing. There are many nuances to an Axie, as the average price fluctuates based on factors such as rarity, experience, features, and type.

The cost you have to pay to buy each NFT is different at different times, and this cost is known as Floor Axies. One thing to note about Axies is that some of these Axies are weak in battle and won’t earn their owner much. You can only expect to make a few hundred dollars from a weak Axie, while you can make more than a few hundred dollars with a powerful Axie.

What is Axie Infinity’s business model for making money?

The game business model for monetization is new to the industry and is designed to reward participants who add value to the game world or ecosystem in specific ways. The basis of the game for monetization is mainly based on the free-to-play model, which means that it is free to start, and then the user can pay to add new features and content or progress faster in the game.

As of mid-2022, Axie Infinity will not follow the free-to-play model, as players must start with 3 Axies. According to the reviews we conducted, the company plans to release free starter monsters in the game. It is attractive to new users who need more time to pay the subscription required in the current model. The starter monsters will earn the player little in bonus tokens, but this change could open up the game to a broader audience.

Virtual land

Axie Lands are virtual land that serves as the main base of operations for players’ Axies. While the gameplay is still actively being developed, the idea behind these virtual conspiracies is that players can easily buy and rent, virtual owners can earn AXS tokens, and various types of resources available in Nodes are created throughout the lands find them. You can use resources to upgrade Axies and Land, but while the concept is still in its infancy, its impact on the game’s future is endless, paving the way for continued popularity.

The connection of the crypto world to online gaming in the form of Axie Infinity represents an exciting shift in the future of online gaming and the growing importance of digital ownership. For many, this game is their first connection to blockchain-based games or experiences. While there are still some challenges and uncertainties surrounding blockchain-based experiences, such a project exists and will likely influence future trends.

Government tokens or Axie Infinity

One of this game’s most important tokens is ERC-20 on the Ethereum platform, which emerged as a technical standard used for all smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. While the details are beyond the scope of this article, one thing to note is that Axie Infinity is an ERC-20 sovereign token for the Axie Universe that can be considered the main currency of the game, and holders can get who share their tokens, play games and participate in crucial governance votes, get rewarded.

It is interesting to know that since 2022, this currency has increased by more than 3000% per year compared to the US dollar. AXS tokens by Sky Mavis work to decentralize the ownership and management of Axie infinity to align interests between developers and the community of players who play the game.

Reward Tokens

SLP, formerly known as Little Love Potion, is a bonus symbol in Axie Infinity that players can obtain in specific ways by playing the game in either Battle or Adventure mode. SLP is an ERC-20 utility token with the same value as other digital currencies and can be bought and sold on a decentralized exchange. The value of an SLP against the US dollar has not fared well compared to AXS and has fallen sharply in recent years.

One thing to note is that unlike AXS, which has a supply cap of 270 million tokens, SLP has unlimited tokens. Uncertainty about the future supply of SLP has dramatically affected its value, and concerns about its stability have many people questioning what will happen next.

Axie Infinity is an non-fungible token-based online video game developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, known for its in-game economy which uses Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. Players of Axie Infinity collect and mint NFTs which represent axolotl-inspired digital pets known as Axies.

Quoted from Wikipedia.

How do you start playing Axie Infinity? Step-by-step training

If you want to get started with Axie Infinity, you must create a wallet, buy your first set of Axies, create an in-game account, and install the game. In the rest of this article, we will tell you what to do. So, stay with us until the end of this article that we will talk about How to get free Axie account?:

Account and wallet setup.

The first step with any crypto program, including Axie Infinity, is to create a crypto wallet. Players must first create a wallet to interact with the Axie Infinity market. A crypto wallet is an electronic wallet that stores your digital currency.

Buy your first set of Axies.

You are used to exchange Axies on the Ethereum market. Participants must transfer ETH to their wallet using an authorized exchange or purchase it directly from the account using cash. You can transfer ETH to your wallet if you already have ETH on the exchange.

Create an account in the game.

After logging into their account, people can create an authorized in-game account on their profile page in the marketplace. Gamers can explore the market without creating an account. However, they need one if they want to access the game.

Download the game on a desktop or mobile.

The game is available via APK files on PCs and smartphones. Users must go to the official web page to download the files related to the game and log in using their in-game account. After entering your account, your information will be entered automatically, and you can start earning.

How to get free Axie account?

How to get free Axie account? Axie infinity free

Many gamers and people after installing the new game realize that they need to buy 3 Axie tokens to start the game and are worried. Do not worry about this. Axie Infinity promises gamblers a return on their investment within the first few months of playing this game.

There are only two ways to get a free Axie Infinity token that we will review in this part of the article:

  • Be a programmer and developer of this project

If you become one of the programmers and developers of this game, you will be able to receive rewards with Axie tokens, but you should also check your conditions and the requirements of the axie team, which Sky Mavis company will give you and your skills. What you need and they need it is similar to each other.

  • Axie Scholarship programs

How to get free Axie account? The second way to get Axies is to apply for Axie Scholarship programs and play for free. In this way, when you are accepted as a researcher and work as a manager, you are given a free team consisting of 3 Axie. Then you can easily play and participate in sections such as Adventure or ARENA and earn in SLP and finally earn.

Note that this Axie Scholarship program is not offered by Sky Mavis itself, and you can only earn free money from this game by finding people who play in the Axie gamer community and need a game manager.

Pay attention that to manage an Axie Infinity account, you have to work hard to earn money. You can sign a contract with people who have a game account but do not have the ability and time to play and receive a percentage of income or salary for yourself as a management accountant.

How to get free Axie account?


In this article on Shetcoiner we talked about How to get free Axie account? and more. Also, we told you that there are some ways for getting Axie infinity free. We also spoke about other topics, such as:

  • What is Axie Infinity? About Axie Infinity
  • What is Axie Infinity’s business model for making money?
  • How do you start playing Axie Infinity? Step-by-step training
  • How to get free Axie account? Axie infinity free

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How to get free Axie account?

There are two ways to get a free Axie Infinity token: Be a programmer and developer of this project or use Axie Scholarship programs.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired game. This game is under the Ethereum blockchain network.


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