Argent Wallet Review (Everything you need to know )

What is an Argent wallet and how does it work? In this article on shetcoiner site, we want to consider this issue; so stay with us until the end of this article.

Argent wallet

Argent is a digital wallet used to store crypto currencies and offers benefits to users of the platform. Argent is only available on the Ethereum Blockchain and launched in 2020. One of the positive aspects of this wallet is its easy user interface. Argent attracts most people who want to have a high-security and simple wallet and be able to work with different parts of it. This wallet has been able to identify all the needs of a user and use the best and easiest solution to their problems. In this wallet you have a lot of access that you can easily use.

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The Argent wallet also allows users to store Ethereum Blockchain tokens. This wallet is an open source project; this means that developers can access different parts of it and visit its code. This wallet, like other wallets can be retrieved by keys that you must keep somewhere to return your wallet when you needed.

Argent wallet

If users retain private keys, their assets are always in control and only users have access to their wallets. This wallet has significant security and provides you with a lot of access. Users of this platform can also earn their assets with the help of various DeFi protocols such as: Aave, Compound and Yearn, etc. In the next section, we want to discuss about the pros and cons of this wallet so that you can choose it consciously.

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Pros and Cons of Argent wallet

In this section, we want to point out the pros of this wallet that distinguishes it from other wallets. One of the most important parts of this wallet is the security. This wallet has a very high level of security and people can easily access their assets. In addition, this wallet can access and support hardware wallets. In the next section, we are going to talk about the cons of this wallet.


One of the biggest disadvantages of this wallet is that it only has the Android version and cannot serve users who use the desktop or iOS operating system. It also slows down the storage of some crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, and can be considered as one of the disadvantages of this wallet.

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In this article on the shetcoiner site, we have considered the points we need to know about the Argent wallet and also mentioned its advantages and disadvantages. Check these tips and if you are using desktop or iOS; you need to know that this wallet is not usable for you.


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