Apps that give you free crypto

What apps give us free crypto currency? In this article on shetcoiner site, we want to consider this issue; so stay with us until the end of this article.

Everyone likes to have some crypto currency in their wallet; especially if they do not have to buy it. In the past, the only way to get more crypto currency was to mine it. As apps become more popular, people are starting to look for more ways to earn crypto currency.

Games where you earn money

Recently, many applications that allow you to earn crypto currency have entered the market. Some of these programs help you to earn Bitcoins for the game, while others give you similar currencies in exchange for other things. These programs are a great way to earn free money. In this section, we want to point out the best applications; so stay with us.

The best free crypto currency apps


One of the most popular programs that allow you to earn crypto currency right now is Sweatcoin. This program allows you to earn a new crypto currency called Sweatcoin in any situation. As you walk, the app works with your foot on a mobile device. Sweatcoin is 0.95 per 1000 steps. You can also choose to cash in from Paypal, spend coins for cash, or use them to buy Amazon gift cards.

The problem with this app is that it consumes your phone battery very quickly, but do not worry; if you start it and want to know more about crypto currencies, you can choose this path to get to know crypto currencies better.

Best Games to Earn Crypto currency 2021


LBRY is one of the newest programs to help content creators earn cash. As the name implies, this is an application that is trying to become a large library based on a decentralized platform. If you love writing, you can upload your writing to LBRY. It lets you sell your content and buy other people’s books. With a crypto currency called LBRY Tokens, your income will vary depending on how much you can do. This can be a beneficial way to earn more money without intermediaries, something that is easily available to you.


Steemit is one of the most popular applications that allow you to earn crypto currency. People have gained a lot of Steem by submitting articles, and this is an app that every crypto currency fan should know about it. If you are good at writing and want to use this ability, the best way is to use the Steemit platform.

How to make money in Blockchain?

In this article, we have introduced the applications which you can generate income in the field of crypto currencies on shetcoiner site. If you have a specific skill that matches these sites, you can use these sites.

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